Gingham and Monograms

Hello, World.

I have a new appreciation for weekend mornings. I feel like summer usually feels like a perpetual weekend, even when I’m working, but Saturday and Sunday mornings during the school year feel so important. I love being able to just relax, de-stress, and absorb lack of responsibility. This morning was great, and I finally had the chance to sleep in, take my time getting ready, and then I hung out with friends. Anyway, today I wore my new gingham button down, which is a blouse I’ve wanted for a few years now. I had trouble finding a good gingham, but once I found the J.Crew Factory gingham, which is light and soft, I was sold, so I purchased it during my back to school shopping!
Callie's Necklace
wearing: top: J. Crew Factory // shorts: J. Crew // shoes: Old Navy // bracelets: Juicy Couture (old) and Forever 21 // rings: Tiffany & Co.  (similar) and Kate Spade // nail polish: Essie ‘Wicked’ // watch: Michael Kors (old) // bag: Madewell Transport Tote, monogrammed DSC_0122
I had a great Saturday, and I enjoyed putting together one of my (hopefully) last summer 2014 outfits. Getting ready this morning I realized just how ready I am for fall. See that coffee cup? It’s a pumpkin chai latte, and it was heavenly. I’m so excited for all this fall has to offer as far as my classes, being a student leader, getting to know new friends better, and just enjoying life! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Callie leigh

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