Fall Wish List

Hello, World. 

As much as I enjoy the easiness of summer, what with the ability to sleep in, and the luxury of having NO homework, but I must admit that my heart really lies with fall. Fall is like living in the inside the cup containing a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. I adore the feeling that envelopes me when I walk across campus on the first day of fall, a chilly wall of crisp air hitting me as I exit my dorm. I love the sounds of crunching leaves under my feet, and the reddish orange color of leaves in transition. I also really adore knitted scarves, skinny jeans, boots and boot socks, all topped with an insanely soft sweater. Fall is comforting, perhaps that is why Thanksgiving takes place in fall, with all the pies, stuffing, and turkey. We enjoy eating comfort food, wearing comfortable clothing, and and drinking comfortable, warm beverages. So, in light of all these small indulgences, I wanted to take a moment to share my fall wish list! 


J. Crew Statement Necklace | I love statement necklaces, and I especially love the crystal necklaces with fall colored sweaters. It looks so great, and it simply captures the essence of fall. 

J. Crew ‘Say Yes’ Sweater | I really love the gist of this sweater. I’m kind of a ‘no’ person. I don’t really step too far out of my comfort zone, and I don’t always say yes to social engagements, but this sweater is a small reminder to say yes, and to step out and try new things. Maybe what I get from this sweater is a little deeper than intended, but I love it! 

J. Crew Puffer Vest | You can never have too many vests, and this color is so perfect for fall. It’s so warm and comfortable. I have two puffer vests at the moment, and I can tell you my navy vest got a TON of use last year. I can’t wait to wear my second vest this fall. I used to hate vests, but now I just adore them. 

Kate Spade Bow Bangle | I’m trying to build the perfect stack of bracelets, and I feel like this bow bracelet is such a feminine, cute touch. I love Kate Spade, and I wear her bow ring everyday, so why not add the bracelet to my jewelry collection?

Southern Proper Frat Hat | Who doesn’t love a plaid baseball cap? Especially one that comes with an adorable black lab wearing a red bow tie on it? I’m seriously so obsessed with the cap, but I like this tone of plaid better.

Bean Boots | By now you’re probably sick of seeing these boots over and over again on my wish lists. However, I just love them. I find them so adorable and quirky.   

Hunter Tour Rain Boots | I got my first pair of Hunter boots last Christmas, and I love them. They’re seriously great rain boots, and the colors are so bright and fun. I would like to get a pair in red, but I want to tour version because they are much lighter and more flexible. 

Kate Spade Tote | I’ve been on the hunt for a good tote to use as a book bag, but haven’t found one I’m willing to spend a lot of money on or money that I really really like. This plain black tote with slightly longer handle straps, though, is perfect. I really like it, but I think I’ll save up for it. 

Madewell Skinny Skinny Jeans | I’ve heard nothing but positive things about Madewell jeans, and I love a good skinny jean, so these are definitely on my wishlist. Nothing like a perfect pair of skinny jeans, honestly, they make you feel so much more comfortable in your skin. 

Boot socks | I’m a firm believer that boot socks are the best. They keep your feet warm and cozy, but also look cute. I love any item where fashionable meets functional, and boot socks certainly have this. I really love American Eagle Outfitters boot socks because they’re always super comfy, and they always have cute patterns and colors. 

There you have it, my Fall Wish List. I hope you’re as excited for fall as I am! What fall staples are you currently coveting?


Callie leigh 

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