Kate Spade Surprise Sale! Up to 75% off TODAY

Hello, World.

I love Kate Spade, but I love her even more when she has surprise sales. Today a surprise sale is happening, and select items are up to 75% off! Can you believe it? Purchase your fall statement bag NOW, and don’t miss the great prices that only come around every once in a while. I adore Kate Spade, but I have a hard time investing in purses because I usually buy a single bag that I’ll use for years, and I have a hard time switching, however, there are so many bags in this sale that I would love to purchase (especially this one). Here are a few items I currently love from the sale:


b6d11866df244d338cea4567478101eb I love this bangle even more in navy and gold! Seriously so feminine and cute.




This brown satchel is the perfect fall book bag, and would serve as a great purse for traveling, road trips, or as a carryon for flights home during the holidays! Seriously obsessed.

Shop all these products and more at KateSpade.com (click HERE to be directed to the sale specifically). Don’t you just love Kate Spade? All her products are SO bright and cheery and feminine.

Callie leigh

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