College Girl’s Survival Kit

Hello, World.

Today marks one week until I head back to school, and about three weeks until most college first year students head to campus. I’m getting so excited, and I’m slowly starting the packing process. I recently thought about how I felt when I left for my first year of college, and how I felt like I didn’t really know what all I should take. If you know someone heading off to college, this year, and want to get them a small, cute going away gift, I have an idea to share!

A college survival guide is the perfect gift to give to a college freshman because it includes little things that she may forget, and is also personal and shows care. How do you build a college survival kit? Well, you can tailor it to the person on the receiving end of the kit. Some of these items have scents, colors, or flavors, and you can alter them according to her recipients favorites. Here is what I would include:

Monogrammed Mug | A personal touch on a dorm necessity. A coffee cup is a great thing to have in the dorms, and including one will ensure your college girl has one with her on day one! Even if she already packed one, now she has two for when she has a friend over.

Chewing Gum | Keeping her breath fresh is great, but gum is also good for chewing while studying or hanging out.

Ear Plugs | If a girl gets stuck with a super noisy roommate or is a light sleeper, ear plugs are the best. The walls are usually pretty thin in dorms, so ear plugs are great for day time studying or sleeping at night.

Make Up Bag | This is a great thing to have to put some makeup essentials in, throw in her bag, and go to class or the library. Also great to have if she takes weekend trips.

Photo of the Gift Giver and the Gift Receiver | This is a personal touch, and will give the person something to remember you by. Photos of friends from home help avoid homesickness.

Tide To Go Stick | Make sure she doesn’t stain her clothes!

Notepad | For writing quick notes, this can sit next to her computer and be used for to do lists, memos, or phone numbers for resources on campus.

Coffee | Get her favorite blend of coffee for the days she needs a pick me up, the days she needs a hug in a cup, and the days she needs a little warmth in her life.

Peppermint Tic Tacs | Peppermint helps soothe the stomach, and it also helps settle people’s nerves. For the first day on campus, the first night in her new home, the first day of class, and all the other college firsts, give her some peppermints.

Lint Roller | Packing can leave little dust spots on clothing, so make sure she is prepared with a lint roller.

Febreze | Dorms can have funky smells, make sure she has an air freshener!

Sleeping Mask | If she needs to nap, or the roommate is studying late with the lights on, make sure she can make the room darker by providing a sleeping mask.

Command Strips | If she wants to hang posters, photos of family, or anything else, make sure she has the proper tools.

Popcorn | For movie nights, for a studying snack, and for hangout out and playing games with friends.

Advil | Sometimes college can be stressful, and headaches usually occur. Advil is a great thing to have!

Her Favorite Movie | Make sure she has her favorite movie so when she’s feeling homesick, she can watch it, or when she’s having a bad day, or when she gets a bad grade on a test, or when she invites her new friends to her room for movie night!

Ziploc bags | This may seem odd, but this is the item I always forget, and always have to ask someone for.

Scissors | A must! She will need these for class projects, opening items she bought to decorate her dorm room with, crafts, etc.

Pencils | Many people only pack pens, then realize they need pencils. Make sure she already has pencils.

Mini Sewing Kit | You never know when something is going to rip, tear, or break. By preparing her with a mini sewing kit she has the resource to fix the tear easily and quickly.

Mini Manicure Set | Make sure she can pamper herself every once and a while, and this is great for when she and her friends want to paint their nails.

Flip Flops | Shower shoes are one of the most frequently forgotten items. Make sure she has a pair, and a spare so that if the first pair breaks, she has a backup.

Hand Sanitizer | Dorms are germ infested playgrounds. Make sure she can stay clean and healthy all semester long. No one wants to fall prey to flu season, trust me.

This is honestly one of the best gifts people can give. It is personal, creative, and practical. Sometimes people give gifts with the best intentions, but they end up getting something that is bulky and just takes up already limited space. This gift has so many necessities that it will be both appreciated and utilized.

Callie Leigh

6 thoughts on “College Girl’s Survival Kit

  1. Hi I just found this on Pinterest and loved it! Do you know where the cloth tote/organizer thingy is from?

  2. It all looks like a well thought out kit, but I was thinking of adding a gas card or visa gift card for those emergencies!

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