The Best Hidden Student Discounts

Hello, World.

If you’re planning on doing back-to-school shopping, I have great news! I did some research recently, and by research I mean I went shopping, and found out that several of my favorite shopping locations offer student discounts. Say what? To say I was happy is an understatement. I really like that stores give student discounts because they are basically rewarding up for stressing ourselves with school. Anyway, tons of stores offer student discounts, and if you shop somewhere that isn’t included in my list, don’t fret, simply ask the person ringing you up next time you go shopping. Stores don’t always advertise student discounts, but if you ask, they’ll tell you whether or not they offer one, and if they do, how much the discount is worth. So, without further ado, here are my favorite, most-used discounts:
student discounts
This discount also applies at the Outlet store.
This discount also applies at J.Crew Factory.

Go shopping now! Each store handles the discount differently. If you’re in-store, you have to have a valid student ID, and online you may need to enter a code, such as STUDENT10, or call customer service to ask what you do to get the discount. Even though handling the discounts may seem like a hassle, I would suggest always asking when you’re shopping just in case they offer great student deals. Now is also a great time to ask because schools are going to be starting soon.

Callie leigh

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