August Playlist

Hello, World.

It’s the beginning of August, which means it’s time for a playlist! I have so much making the playlists I post on this blog. It’s silly, really, but I feel like music is pretty universal. I’m that girl that makes a playlist for most things-break ups, fights with friends, a bad grade on an exam, etc. It’s pretty lame, but hey, you gotta do what makes you feel better. Anyway, this month is special to me. Last August was a bit of a blur. So many things changed, and so much happened, and I kind of just went through the motions of a life without really noticing what was happening, and then it was September and school was starting, and I was like, “Oh, okay?” This August is a month I have some really great feelings about, like honestly, I think it’s going to be so great. I have two weeks left on my internship, two weeks until I head down to school to begin Resident Advisor training, then school will be starting and I’m so excited. I feel so great about the direction my life is heading, and I’m really looking forward to forming awesome friendships with other RAs. So many good vibes lately, like I cannot even put my feelings into complete sentences (so please ignore the fragments). Anyway, here is my August playlist! Some of the songs are part of the four-song loop I listen to on my way to and from my internship. Now they can be stuck in your head too!

august tune diaries
You can listen to the full playlist by clicking HERE.

What’re you currently listening to?

Callie leigh

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