Weekend Recap

Hello, World.

This weekend was a bit of a blur, but it was so great! Friday was my birthday, and Saturday morning I headed to the Bay to the see my best friend, Holly. We went shopping, then got dinner at Uncle Yu’s chinese, and finished the day with Cream. I got so many great fall items from J.Crew! I cannot wait for the fall! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started getting me excited for the season, but then when I went shopping this weekend and the stores had tons of fall pieces, I got SO ready. I love layering, I love boots, and I love a good sweater or flannel.

Anyway, this weekend was great. My parents and I stayed at our favorite hotel that is near my school, and then drove to meet Holly in her hometown (which is only about 40 minutes from school). I love this hotel, and I think I’m going to miss visiting it when my parents don’t stay there anymore after I graduate SMC. It’s seriously such a lovely hotel.
photo 4-2
photo 5-1When we got back to the hotel after dinner, my parents and I got drinks and sat by the pool for a while. It was relaxing! Also, the weather was perfect. I’m excited to get back to the Bay instead of melting on a daily basis.
photo 3-1
This morning my dad and I got breakfast at the hotel. It was delicious, and we had a really good talk. Unfortunately my mom didn’t make it to breakfast because she had a migraine. I had poached eggs, ham, and hash browns with fruit. So good!

Overall, I had a great weekend. I can’t believe summer is almost over, but in a way I feel ready to head back to school.

Callie leigh

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