Dorm Inspiration: Cleaning & Shower Supplies

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The next installment of my dorm essentials is here, and this time I’m talking a few moments to talk about something that most people don’t really think about when heading off to college. This section is probably a little forgot about because it’s not nearly as glamorous as bedding, beauty products, or school supplies. However, cleaning supplies are super important! If you’re living in a dorm, there are going to be germs everywhere, and when flu season hits, you want to make sure you’re keeping your room as sanitary as possible. So, here are my cleaning supply must haves as well as some shower essentials for dorm life:
bounce dryer sheets | keep your clothes fresh!

Tide Pods | these are seriously great for dorm life! You don’t have to lug a huge thing of detergent down to your laundry room, but instead you can just grab a pod, throw it in your laundry bin, and then place the whole contents of the bin in the washing machine.

Laundry Bin | Get a laundry bin that can fit either in your closet or under your bed so that you can save room elsewhere in your room. I usually get canvas laundry bags because I like them better. They’re also more flexible than a plastic bin, which is great for shoving them under your bed or fitting them in your closet.

Dish Soap | If you have mugs, bowls, or containers to store food in your mini-fridge, you’ll want to keep dish soap and a sponge on hand to make sure you can clean the dishes. No need for dirty dishes to pile up in an already cramped dorm room. Also, your roommate will appreciate you clearing your dishes from the surfaces of the room. I had a friend who would get SO annoyed because her roommate never did dishes. Avoid a roommate argument while you can.

Lysol Disinfectant Wipes | Keep all surfaces dust-less, clean, and bacteria free! This will make a healthier and just all around better environment.

Windex Wipes | If you have a mirror in your room, you’ll want to keep it clean. Windex wipes are a quick and easy way to keep your room clean!

Tide to Go | So, I bought this last year, and didn’t really use it so I figured I would leave it home junior year. Then one night, while sleep deprived and studying for finals, I dropped my yellow highlighter on my favorite white t-shirt, and left a HUGE line down the front. I immediately freaked out, and ran to my Tide to Go stick, ripped off the t-shirt, and applied the Tide to Go, waiting for a minute to see if it was working. Needless to say, the highlighter came out, and I finished studying after throwing my t-shirt in the wash.

Hand Soap | This is something that is always good to have in your room. I had a sink in my dorm my first year in college, so this was always resting on the sink. If you don’t have a sink, I’d suggest either using the school’s soap, or buying the one you like and putting it in your shower caddy.

Towels | Must have, obviously, but I would suggest getting three to four towels, one hand towel, and one washcloth. Having 3-4 towels means you can put laundry off a little, a hand towel is good for going to your hall bathroom at night to get ready for bed or to hang in your room if you have a sink. A washcloth is for when you’re done showering to dry off your shampoo bottles and shaving cream and whatnot before placing them back in your shower caddy.

A Soft Robe | This is great to have to wear between your room and the shower. I’d add a monogram, but that’s just me!

A Turbie Twist | These are the best invention! They are basically a towel built specifically for your head. They’re great because you don’t have to waste a towel on your head every shower!

Plain Flip Flops | SHOWER SHOES. Do NOT be that girl that goes barefoot in the showers. You do not know what’s gone on in them…honestly, just buy flip flops and basically never take them off when it comes to dorm bathrooms!

Callie leigh

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