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Colleges start back up in just a couple of weeks, can you believe it? I feel like I just finished classes, and now it’s already time to start packing up all my stuff, purchase school supplies, and head back to the Bay. Don’t get me wrong, I love school. I’m one of those academic freaks that, oh I don’t know, love the smell of old books, and get way too excited over finding the perfect planner. I tend to thrive in an academic setting, but then again, I would hope most people who are in college love where they’re going to school because if you don’t have a serious amount of school pride, it’s going to be difficult to really get into the whole college thing. Anyway, for the second installment of ‘dorm inspiration’ I thought we would talk beauty products. Not only is this series of posts supposed to inspire you, but I’d also like you to think of it as a sort of packing guide! There are tons of packing lists on the internet, and many give WAY more items than necessary. Although some highlight things you probably wouldn’t think to bring to school with you.

Beauty products can be a little daunting. You either feel like you have way too many in your suitcase, or you’re unsure of what beauty products you’ll even still use by the third week of college classes. Well, here’s my guide to college beauty:

beauty product essentials for the college girl

In college, you’re going to run late, you’re going to go to bed wearing your makeup a few times, and you’re going skip washing your hair one day so you can cram for your 8am test. Don’t worry, this happens to every girl in college (unless you’re like, superwoman or something). So, I’ve included some ways to cut down the frequency of those events, as well as products that will keep you looking fresh-faced and healthy even when you’re exhausted and not feeling awesome.

Cleansing face wipes | for the nights you literally want to crawl into bed and not wake up until a few days later. They are quick and easy, but will keep your skin healthy!

Blush | Keep your cheeks looking rosy! This is especially great for schools that don’t get a ton of sun.

Shampoo and Conditioner | You’ll need to wash your hair, so this is a must! I’d recommend a great combo for color treated hair if you dye hair, and a natural one if you don’t.

Great eyeshadow palette | The Naked palettes are probably my favorites as far as eyeshadow palettes go. They have so many great colors and possibilities. By bring a palette you’ll be cutting the space that a ton of loose eyeshadows take up.

Hairbrush | This is an essential because you’re going to want to brush your hair everyday, and it’s great for getting your unruly hair into a ponytail for early classes.

Concealer | There are many late nights, and you’ll want to be able to conceal the dark circles that tell everyone the hour you went to bed.

Curling Iron | This isn’t an essential for everyone, but in the event that you have an interview or formal occasion, it’s great to have with you!

No Crease Hair Ties | Hair ties that don’t leave a crease in your hair are great for putting your hair up while studying, and taking it down to go out to dinner with friends. I only wear my hair up if I’m working, so I live by these.

Body Lotion | Make sure your skin is staying moisturized! When I get stressed, my skin actually feels more dry, so I always make sure to have a good supply of lotions nearby.

Nail Polish | Nail polish is not only good for painting your nails, but good for making friends too! My friends and I sit around and talk while we paint our nails, and it’s great for conversation.

Lipstick | It’s important to keep you lips moisturized, but you’ll also want to keep a great lip color handy so that you can add a little color to your face when you leave for class in the morning.

Dry Shampoo | There will be days that you don’t have time to wash and dry your hair before class. When it rains, and is freezing outside, this can really suck. Dry shampoo is great for days when you just don’t have time to wash your hair, but it looks a little on the greasy side.

Face Cleanser | Keep your skin clean and healthy, I cannot stress this enough. You want to make sure you’re not breaking out every five seconds. Skin already has enough trouble adjusting to the college diet of coffee and fries!

Toothpaste and Toothbrush | This is an essential because it’s just proper hygiene.

Shaving Razor | Keep your legs smooth and your underarms hairless. A razor is super important, although I always end up forgetting it when I return to campus from vacations. Weird, I know, but I always end up going to CVS to buy a new one.

Body Scrub | It’s important to exfoliate the skin. Make sure you’re doing this once or twice a week to keep your skin looking silky and smooth. Most people don’t take body scrub to college, but I always feel so rejuvenated after i use it that I bring it with me.

Makeup Remover | For nights when you have more time, a good oil-free makeup remover will help get the day’s grime off your face, and won’t feel greasy.

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF | College is a great time to invest in a tinted moisturizer because it will save you minutes getting ready in the mornings. Just put on a little tinted moisturizer, blush, and mascara, and you’re ready for class! Also, make sure it has SPF!

Body Wash | Again, this is just necessary, but I like to get one that works as a shaving cream and a body wash because it saves me another spot in my shower caddy.

Chapstick | I actually use this way more now than I ever did in high school. I’m not sure why, but I really appreciate a good Chapstick these days.

Loofah | For cleansing your skin! Also, when you use the whole body wash as shaving cream idea this gives a closer consistency to shaving cream.

Shower Caddy | A MUST in college. Do not try lugging all your beauty products to the bathroom with you every morning and night. You’ll either die or your arms will fall off. Shower caddies are literally one of the best inventions ever.

Only Your Favorite Perfume | You may have a whole collection of perfumes at home, but only bring your favorite to college. If you get sick of it, you can swap it for another scent when you go home for vacation. Space and organization will work wonders in a dorm room, so leave unnecessary clutter (like a shelf full of bottles) at home.

Volumizing Mascara | If you’re running late, just throw on some mascara that adds a little volume to your lashes, and you’re good to go. I seriously skimp on eyeshadow when I have an early class, so I wear a little extra mascara to give my eyes definition while still saving time.

What are your college beauty essentials?

Callie leigh

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