Dorm Inspiration: Bedside

Hello, World.

I know it’s still July, and I know you probably want to tear up any magazine that mentions the dirty phrase ‘back to school,’ but I’m here to tell you that if you’re heading to college this fall, back to school doesn’t have to be negative! Actually, going to college for the first time can be super exciting. Especially since you get to decorate a dorm room! I go crazy over decorating. I try to make my dorm room better and more unique every single year! I absolutely love decorating a dorm room because not only do I get to pick a bunch of cute stuff, but I also have the opportunity to turn a rather bland, boring room into something spectacular.

Each year, I make a sort of peg board through Pinterest to brainstorm ideas of the bed storage solutions, the best bedding places, and the best deals for college stuff! I keep a lot of the same stuff I’ve already used or had, but I also incorporate a lot of new pieces. This year, I was torn between trying to prep up my dorm room or just add more bohemian pieces. When you move into a dorm room, you’ll realize that your bedding is crucial. Most beds become couches during the day and only beds by night. You bedding should be the item that the rest of your room is styled around because it’s typically the largest item in the room! I’m planning a series of posts about dorm room decorating, and this installment is regarding how to decorate your bed and around your bed. Unless you have a window above your bed, I’d suggest hanging artwork to act as a headboard.

Here are some preppy dorm rooms I feel are super cute:
While these are absolutely adorable, I feel like my personal taste shies away from the really loud bright colors. I prefer muted color schemes with pops of brightness. But, if you do want a totally preppy, loud and cheery room, this is how I would style it:
Bright bedding // Gold Monogram of First Initial // clean, typical college lamp // phone case and ID combo wristlet to hang on bedpost so you remember it // a cute key chain // a fun bulletin board to hang on the wall above the length of your bed to hold photos of family and friends // a lilly pulitzer agenda that should basically live near your bed other than when you sleep // a bright laundry bag to be stored under the bed // plain under the bed storage to maximize floor space in the rest of the room.

Now, if you prefer a more bohemian style dorm room, or one that is a little more eclectic and not so girly, here are some bohemian rooms I like:
These two rooms have so many cute elements, but I feel like I still like some really feminine, preppy touches in my room. I do LOVE the record player and bookshelf, though, in the bottom photo. Seriously so adorable. Here is how I put together my ideal bohemian room:
In this room I leaned more toward a bright but still muted and calm bedspread, natural wood touches for under bed storage, a canvas laundry bag, stacks of books under the bed, a small journal to keep a running account of your first year in college, earplugs to keep under your pillow (if your roommate ends up being loud at odd times, these will save your life), and headphones to listen to music while you work on homework on your bed turned couch. Also, The cute sitting pillow thing is GREAT for doing homework on your bed because it cushions you from leaning against a wall for hours. As for above your head, I love the classic printed artwork of the silhouette and sunglasses.

Some of you, like me, may be more inclined to find a common ground between the two above looks. There are a few ways to mix preppy and bohemian in home decor, and I thought I’d share two adorable rooms that I feel accomplish this!
This room remains on the preppier side of things, but isn’t SO preppy that it’s in your face.
This room is also on the preppier side of the line, but if you switched the pattern on the ottomans to something a little more like the bedspread in my model bohemian room, and changed the color scheme a bit, I think it’d be a great compromise. Here is how I would mix the two styles:
In this look, I kept the monogram of the initial because a monogram immediately adds some prep, a clean but accented lamp, a silhouette of the world is boho, but the Vogue artwork is classic enough to be preppy, and you can supplement the two pieces with a bulletin board mixing photos and Vineyard Vines stickers. A personalized laundry bag that is canvas is perfect for mixing boho and prep. Wooden under bed storage is perfectly classy but also adds a bit of natural elements to soften the room. I picked this bedspread because I felt it was super classic, but also had an urban feel to it. As for accent pillows, an eccentric orange pillow with gold detailing is great, accompanied by a monogram and a sitting pillow. I would also add in the earplugs and journal from my model boho room, and the wristlet and key ring from the preppy model room.

What’re your ideas for dorm room decorating this year?

Callie leigh

P.S. You can see my sophomore year dorm room here, though I’m SO excited to move into my junior room. :)

P.P.S. The photos of the dorm rooms in this post are from Pinterest, not my own!

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