4 Lists You Should Be Making

Hello, World.

I’m a huge list maker. I make lists about everything. Literally. I make to-do lists every day, I make shopping lists, I make lists of my goals, and I once even made a list of the traits I like in a significant other. I’m a little obsessive about the whole list thing. I really appreciate a good list, and I LOVE when people share my love of list making. There are tons of types of lists, and some people use lists for different purposes.

Now, I realize lists can be totally horrifying to some people. I’m a planner, and I love a good, solid routine. Some people don’t love routines, which is totally fine also. Routines definitely aren’t for everyone, and there are definitely times when just going with the flow of life. I try to go with the flow, but I usually end up making some kind of plan along the way. I just feel more secure when I know what’s coming. Despite this, I do envy the women who just live and let everything happen as it will. Not having a plan appears great. However, I do feel there are four lists that every girl in their twenties should be making to lead a more inspired, positive life.

4 lists you should be making
Lists can be great guidelines for life, though they are by no means set in stone. I think someone once said something about certain things being more like guidelines than actual rules… Maybe? Well, anyway, I’m just saying that lists are awesome if you feel like making a little outline for some major aspects of life.

List 1. A list of your dreams if there were no limits. Sometimes you have to make forget limits, forget chances, forget financial limitations, and forget that people will tell you no. You have to feel like anything is possible, and then you will be able to figure out what you truly want to do, where you truly want to go, and who you would be if you could be any version of yourself. Your dreams are important, and I feel like sometimes that world can be so discouraging. We’re constantly told our aspirations are unrealistic, or if they seem reachable, we’re reminded that other factors make them not. Make a list of your dreams, and reach for them always.

List 2. Three new things you’re going to try this month. Ironically, this list kind of goes against my whole routine thing, but in an exciting way. I think it’s important to try new things. Sometimes we get so stuck in our routines that we forget to experience the rest of the world. Promising yourself that you will try at least three new things each month will remind you to keep expanding yourself.

List 3. Twenty-five things to accomplish before twenty-five. This can change depending on what birthday is next for you or which milestone birthday is next for you. I was going to do twenty-one things to do before twenty-one, but I decided to do twenty-five things to do before twenty-five not only so I would have more time, but I felt that some of my items would be really big, and wouldn’t happen before twenty-five, like go to a good law school. I also felt like I wanted to do a milestone birthday that wasn’t twenty-one because, I don’t know, I can.

List 4. Four things to do before you graduate college. Now that I’m going to be a junior in college, people are telling me to stay in school. They say the real world sucks, and that academia is the easier lifestyle. I absolutely love school, I do, but I also feel like there will come a time when I want to move forward and start living my life beyond the confines of beautiful campuses and dorm rooms. As much I love my school, and as much as I feel like I’m really experiencing as much as I can, every school has those four or five things you MUST do before you move on. So, let’s make a list of the things we have to do before we graduate, or before it’s too late and the experience isn’t the same.

What’s on your list?

Callie leigh

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