To Do List: Summer Edition, Check In

Hello, World.

A few months ago, I posted my Summer To-Do list. Now that’s we’re into July, I thought it would be a good time to check in with said list, and see how I’m doing as far as accomplishing things. I think it’s important to make sure you’re referring to lists you make as you go through life. It’s one thing to write it down on paper, and it’s another to actually do it, and be able to cross it off the list. I love crossing things off lists. Honestly, it’s like a natural high for me. I feel SO productive and accomplished when I make a to-do list, and can cross each item off by the end of the day.

IMG_3306 IMG_3244

1) Redesign blog, post consistently, and make friends in the blog community! Also, complete the Blog Life e-course by Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess.

2) Go to the beach as much as possible, which includes swimming, tanning (if I can?), and playing beach volleyball.


3) Get an internship, and learn as much as I can from it. (the photo is from my celebratory coffee date after I got the news)

4) Read 13 novels (originally 12, but I have to read one for my job in the fall). (xxx, I’m kind of behind on this. Hoping to speed up) 

5) Write the novel I’ve been talking about for a year. (STARTED) 

6) Go on a walk or run every day. Being fit makes almost everyone feel better.


7) Go on Barnes and Noble/ T. Bar dates with my mom. We’ve had many, but I hope to have more.



8) Hangout with friends more. I have the tendency to spend a lot of time with my family during the summer because I miss them so much during the school year, but I want to start hanging out with my friends from home more!  Again, I’m doing well with this, but I want to continue spending time with friends. 



9) Visit my friends from school! (Especially because my best friend, Holly, is studying abroad in the fall). I got to see Kate when I went to SF for a giants game. I have plans in the works to see Steven and Holly, but it the dates have yet to arrive. 

10) Complete on creative project a month. First up? My sophomore year scrapbook. (So, funny story… I accidentally sent my scrapbook stuff to Moraga. So we may be waiting until I get back to school or until I have time to call and have the stuff forwarded. 

11) Learn more about photography, and improve my skills. This was covered in the A Beautiful Mess e-course. I’m still trying to get better, though. 

12) Try something completely outside my comfort zone.

13) Help my sister finish her first house’s remodel project. Also, once finished go there once a week to hangout with her, her boyfriend, and their animals. Hoping to spend more time there soon! 

14) Write handwritten letters to my friends. I feel like this is a lost art that I would like to pick back up. I love receiving handwritten letters, but during the school year I am horrible at responding to them because I get so busy.

15) Have no regrets. This one is probably the biggest goal for summer 2014 since summer 2013 is riddled with them. (Yet to be determined, but probably won’t have any). 

So, out of 15, I’ve completed roughly 6. That’s not an outrageous amount, and it means that I’m going to make everyday count from today until the day I move back to the Bay.

Callie leigh

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