Can I Monogram That?

Hello, World.

When I was younger, I remember flipping through copies of Pottery Barn and PB Teen magazines, and admiring the adorable monogrammed backpacks, robes, towels, etc. I always loved monogrammed items, and I always wanted one. There is something so  sophisticated and classic about monograms. They’re also preppy, which I like. I’ve always like personalized items because they’re so, well, personalized. I realize that’s pretty redundant, but oh well. Monograms give simple items a little something extra, and make an outfit look even more put together. The Bauble Bar monogram necklace is at the top of my wish list for my birthday coming in August. I thought it’d be fun to share some monogrammed items I’m currently loving. c1da133d16faa3559859098acdc0733amonogrammed bracelet // sweater // necklace// pillow // pajamas // stationary 

How do you feel about monograms?

Callie Leigh

2 thoughts on “Can I Monogram That?

  1. Love monograms! (As long as it’s not on everything I own). It needs to be simple and tasteful, in my opinion.

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