My Best Morning

Hello, World.

I wrote a post a bit ago about the ten biggest lessons I learned in the last year. One of those lessons is that I’m not as much of a morning person as I used to be, and I’m not totally sure what caused the change. Since I can remember, mornings were always my most productive time. I would work on homework, I would read, I would catch up on the news, I would return emails, etc. Lately, though, being productive in the morning is hard. When I’m in school or working, I remain productive, but the act of getting up is way harder than it was a year ago. The snooze button on my alarm is way too tempting, and I often fall into snoozing my alarm for way too long if I don’t have to be up for a specific reason. However, about two weeks ago I stayed with my sister at her new house, and I had to get up around 7am to make sure that I was awake when electricians, tile people, and others came to finish her remodel. Forcing myself to get up reminded me how much I love mornings. There is something new and calm about mornings, and they hold so many possibilities. Therefore, I’m taking a pledge to reactivate my morning person mentality, and regain control of my mornings. I’m a huge routine person. I love establishing a routine, and once I have it down, I have a hard time changing.


My favorite mornings include a shower first thing, a big cup of coffee, a few articles from my favorite newspaper (The New York Times), and a chapter or two from the novel I’m currently reading. My mornings take a while because it takes me a good chunk of time to get ready, to wake up, and to get on the road. I want productive mornings back, and I want to feel like I’ve accomplished a ton before eleven a.m. Therefore, I pledge to start getting up at seven on days I’m not working, and six on days I am. This will give me roughly an hour and half to get ready and read my two materials. I will have a little time to also plan each week’s blog posts and schedule my other activities. I’m currently searching for the BEST back-to-school planner I can find. I usually use a planner from Barnes and Noble, but I would like to try something new this year. I was considering a Lilly Pulitzer planner, but I’m not sure I would have enough room for all the things I put in my planner. The planner I’m currently loving the most is the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley, but unfortunately she isn’t selling the 2015 edition until September, and I need mine by the beginning of August. Do you know which planners are the best?

Anyway, back to mornings. I’m hoping to make my mornings even more successful. I’m pledging to get more done in the morning so that when I’m one with my day, I can read and enjoy myself without being bogged down by details I could have finished if I had just gotten up a bit earlier. Mornings are a great thing, and I think sometimes we forget to enjoy them. We either are too busy worrying about our day to take a moment to read an article from a newspaper or just enjoy our morning coffee, or we go the other way and skip them all together by sleeping through them. Neither is a divine option, which is why I’m pledging to take back my morning routine, and increase my productivity.

Callie Leigh

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