Let’s Hit The Road, Jack

Hello, World.

I’m currently at my family’s cabin, enjoying the warm weather, hanging out with my mom, hiking every morning, reading on the deck, and lounging on a rather empty beach. Where out cabin is, the beach is pretty mellow other than right around the Fourth of July. Anyway, when I was packing to come here, I was thinking about the things I always pack when I’m going on a vacation during the summer. I always have my go-to essentials that make it in my weekender no matter my destination. Some of the items are very summer specific, but some I pack regardless of season.


Salt Water Sandals / Cute Bikini / Great Camera / Passport Case (or just your wallet if you don’t have a passport) / a Good Bronzer / Clarin’s After Sun Cream / Sunglasses / Portable iPhone Charger / Water Cup // Good Reading Material / Denim Shorts / Evian Water Facial Spray / Good Chap Stick / a Sturdy Weekender 

I’m a firm believer in having everything you need when you travel, so I make sure I have everything I could potentially want or need during a trip. I typically try to fit all my belongings for a trip in a single suitcase, usually a weekender. Packing is a tricky, tricky thing. Some people are phenomenal packers, others are decent, and some just jumble everything up and throw it in a bag. I don’t know how packing ability is determined, but I have a feeling it has to do, at least in part, with personality. Neat people typically tend to be decent to great packers, messy people tend to throw everything in and figure out what made the cut when they reach their location. I’m kind of.. well, obsessive. I have lists, I have my go-to item list, I have checklists, I have, well, everything possible to avoid forgetting something. I also will repack a bag, if necessary, to fit all my items. Sometimes multiple times. But anyway, enough about obsessive tendencies, and on to my main point: the items included above are the things I never leave home without when I’m going on a summer trip. What do you always pack?

Callie Leigh

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