My Style Diaries: Blue Flowers

Hello, World.

This weekend was rather eventful. My mom and I got pedicures on Friday, then hit Barnes and Noble for a coffee date/ browsing for more summer reading books. On Saturday, I went to a baby shower with my family, which was beautiful. On Sunday, we headed to our family cabin for a Father’s Day relaxation and fancy dinner. Today is Monday, which despite the fact it is summer and I am currently on vacation, is still one of my least favorite days. However, I am at my cabin for a week, and I plan to read on the beach, relax in the evening, sit on the deck, and go browse the small boutiques in town. We are in the mountains, and the weather is nice and cooler, and it’s still a little quiet because the summertime cabin renters haven’t started flowing in my the masses, which is fine by me. Anyway, I wanted to share the outfit I wore to the baby shower on Saturday. I found this dress at Old Navy, and I love it. It’s super easy to throw on, and it’s very comfortable with a good amount of detail.


wearing: dress: Old Navy // sunglasses: Kate Spade // shoes: Nordstrom (old) // purse: Michael Kors // rings: Tiffany and Co. & Kate Spade // watch: Michael Kors (similar)


I love this dress! Honestly, I was a little scared when I originally bought it because it doesn’t have much shape, and I get nervous that shapeless pieces can look frumpy or make me look bigger, but this dress is still flattering (in my opinion). I love the beautiful stitched flowers and the clean tones! I also love the details at the bottom.

Funny story, however. Saturday was the first time I wore this dress, and while I was excited, I was nervous about wearing white. At the baby shower, the couple served these amazingly delicious pulled pork sandwiches. My dad was behind me in the food line, attempting to put barbecue sauce on his sandwich. Suddenly I heard a loud splat, and looked over to see that the sauce has squirted all over the place, including the back of my dress. YIKES. Luckily, the sauce came out of my dress and my dad’s shirt and shorts. It was a funny moment, and I’m glad the sauce didn’t stain my dress. Perhaps this is why the idea of white jeans still scares me.


Callie leigh

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