Beat The Heat

Hello, World.

As temperatures in Chico rise well above 100 degrees, I am beginning to melt. Seriously though… I am so spoiled when I’m in the Bay area, and then I move home for summer, and well, it’s hot. As I’ve probably mentioned one too many times, I’m more of a fair weather person. I like to spend my days in moderately warm weather that still has a slight breeze. A lot of people in Chico end up dehydrated or sick when the temperatures climb at a rapid rate. Or, like me, people are used to layering, and then suddenly want to live in their swimsuits. Since it was a pretty dry winter here on the West Coast, I have a feeling this summer is going to be ridiculously hot. Anyway, I thought I would share how I’m trying to beat the heat this summer.
ImageIt’s really important to protect your skin from heat because skin cancer is a scary, scary thing, and is becoming more and more common since tan skin became considered the “in” thing. I protect my skin by wearing sunscreen under my makeup, and I also wear sunscreen on my body as well because if I spend more than five minutes in the sun I’m already a super lovely pink color. I’m also a HUGE advocate of the sun hat, as you could probably tell from my last post. I wear baseball caps, or sun hats if I’m going to be outside for an extended period of time. A lot of people think it’s weird that I’m almost 20 years old, and really don’t love tanning. Maybe it’s because I burn so easily, who knows. I like being outside, but I also like protecting myself.

One thing that goes crazy in the sun? My hair gets super frizzy. So, when I know it’s going to be over 100 degrees, I always put in an anti-frizz serum of some kind so that my hair doesn’t go insane when I go outside. If you live somewhere with high humidity, I would definitely recommend an anti-frizz serum if your hair is prone to becoming a frizz ball like mine in the heat. Also, my go-to outfit in the summertime is Chino shorts, a t-shirt, and comfortable sandals. Less really is more in the summertime. I’m all for layering, but in the summertime, I just can’t. What’s your favorite summertime outfit?

Callie Leigh

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