Floppy Hats and White Dresses

Hello, Word.

I have never been much of a hat person. I actually used to despise hats, scared they made me look weird. I never really liked the look of hats on me, but I was SO envious of the people who could pull them off effortlessly. Over the past year, though, I’ve started really liking hats. Last summer, I bought my first sunhat, and this year I bought my second sun hat, which is a little more floppy than the other. I also bought a baseball cap…and actually really like it. The whole thing is rather weird for me, but I’ve noticed that as I get older, my style is continuing to change, which I’m okay with.


It’s been so hot in Chico lately, a light summer dress and a hat are musts. I’ve also been living, and I do mean living in sandals. I kind of loathe the heat, but I’m working with it. I need to learn how to tan better. I usually just burn no matter what I do, which makes living somewhere that gets to 100+ degrees rather difficult. I’m probably going to be wearing this sun hat to the beach quite a lot this summer.


My mom always teases me that I act like an old lady in comparison to other people my age when it comes to beach going. I’m not huge on baking in the sun for hours, and I don’t swim like a fish. I usually prefer sitting by the water, reading a book, completely drenched in sunblock and a wearing a coverup. Call me crazy, old, whatever, but I like to protect my skin. I’m all about the shade. ImageImage

I’m wearing: hat: Old Navy // Dress: Old Navy (on sale) // sandals: Salt Water in Red

Callie leigh

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