Warby Parker Home-Try-On

Hello, World.

I’ve wanted new glasses for a while now, and of course I decided to look at Warby Parker because my old glasses are from there, and I love their frames. If you don’t know about Warby Parker, it is an eyewear company that makes affordable, awesomely unique eyewear. There are showrooms throughout the U.S. though they are concentrated on the east coast. Since I don’t live super close to a showroom or actual store, though, I usually pick out my glasses through their amazing Home Try-On. Through this, you are allowed to choose five frames you want to try because you like them. I usually do the virtual try-on to figure out which five frames I like, then order them in the Home Try-On. With the Home Try-On, Warby Parker sends you glasses “testers” in an adorable black box, and allows you to keep the glasses for five days so you can wear the frames you like around, make sure you love them, and then they provide the return postage so you simply place it on the original box and drop it off at your local post office to be returned. If you find a great pair of frames, you can then order them online by simply submitting your prescription and picking the frames. I’ve done the Home Try-On three times. The first time I ordered the Holt frames, which I still have and like. The second time I was planning on ordering the Sloan frames, but I wasn’t totally sure I loved them, so I decided to wait and try new frames. This is the third time I’ve ordered the Home Try-On, and I really like all of these frames. I’m not totally sure which pair to get because I love them all! My heart is currently torn between the Ainsworth and the Walkers. I love the Chamberlain frames, but I don’t want such square frames this time. But alas, I wanted to show you all my prospective frames and see what you thought!

(Sinclair Frames) This is the pair I loved the most on the virtual try-on, but wasn’t super crazy about in person. That’s why it’s good to start with the virtual try-on, but also do the home try-on!


(Walker Frames)


(Duval Frames)


(Ainsworth Frames) 


(Chamberlain Frames) 

Picking glasses is usually one of my least favorite things because glasses make me self-concious of my nose. I know that sounds rather odd, but it’s the truth. With Warby Parker, though, I feel like the frames are all so different and fun! I really like this round of glasses, and I’m pretty confident that I will order one of the pairs in this set. If you had to choose, which would you suggest?


Callie Leigh

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