Summer Makeup

Hello, World.

Something that I notice every summer is when it gets really hot, I kind of hate doing my “full” makeup everyday. My eye makeup usually gets way lighter, and I’ll go with less foundation. I love using good products that are light and good for your skin. I used to use Mac foundation, but it was pretty heavy for my skin. Over the years, I’ve switched around quite a bit between brands, but I absolutely love Smashbox powder. It’s light, matches my skin well, and it easy to apply. I also recently bought the Naked Urban Decay liquid foundation, and it is utterly amazing. It is light, goes on well, silky, and just…great. I love the Naked products (I have two of the palettes).  My go-to, fast and easy makeup look for summer includes the following products:
For the lightest coverage, I only wear powder foundation. For medium coverage, I wear the Naked liquid foundation, and if I really need heavy coverage, I wear the Naked foundation and go over it with the power a little. My skin feels so soft when I wear the Naked foundation that I’ve worn it almost day since I bought it. I finish the look with a bright lip, usually a shade from Bite, Sephora, or Josie Marin. It is an easy look, but I always feel fresh and awake when I wear these products.

What are your favorite summer products?

Callie Leigh

3 thoughts on “Summer Makeup

    1. Hey! I do use blush, but only very lightly. Sometimes instead of blush I use Benefit’s High Beam, which adds a dull pink shimmer to my cheekbones.

      1. Gorgeous! I’m sorry I was just curious cause it was missing from the post :) xx

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