Lusting Over…

Hello, World.

Summer is here, and I’m soaking it up as much as possible. I love the easy, carefree feeling of summer, and I love being able to create my own schedule, and I love being able to just relax and not be in school for a little while. Anyway, I thought I would share what I’m currently craving.


I really like simple swimsuits. Sometimes I feel like swimsuits get too busy or fluffy or whatever. I like a simple, base color swimsuit to lie in the sun in and read a book while getting some rays. I have the tendency to burn, but I’m hoping I can at least get a base tan this summer. I also really like baseball caps right now. I desperately want one from Vineyard Vines, either in navy or pink. Or maybe both. I also love a good beach tote to take a towel, book, and tan lotion to the beach in. Something about having a cute tote makes going to the beach a little easier because you have a cute place to put all your stuff. Lilly Pulitzer shorts are the most adorable things. Seriously, her patterns are amazing and so cheery and I love the scallop detailing on the edge. I also am trying to build a cute stack of bracelets, and I love Kate Spade’s ‘smile’ bracelet. I also want to invest in a monogram necklace because I feel like they are just so cute, classic, and easy to wear with everything. A cute, easy to throw on cover up is also a must for summer. I love dresses in summer because they’re so easy to throw on, and they are cooler than shorts.

What are you craving?

Callie leigh

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