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Hello, World.

As colleges end their semesters, and summer begins, its important to make sure you are maintaining friendships with your “college friends.” As I was walking across campus the other day, I heard some students talking about how they were sad that summer was coming because, unlike in high school, everyone would be heading off in different directions. College is different than high school because for one, you haven’t known your friends for most of your life, and you also probably don’t live super close to them when you’re in your hometown. I live roughly three hours from my college friends, and states away from some. It’s a weird concept, and it’s hard to adjust to the first summer after college.

I feel like keeping in touch with people is something I’ve always struggled with to an extent. Unless I’m dating you or you’re family, I totally suck at texting frequently. I’ve gotten better since being in college because, well, you have to get better at maintaining communication if you want to have friends when you return in the fall. One of my friends and I always talk about how college friendships are different because they tend to develop much faster than normal friendships, and your friends in college become your family away from home. Therefore, it is important to keep in touch over summer when people are busy with jobs, internships, summer classes, family plans, travel, etc. Over the past year (roughly), I’ve learned some good ways to stay in touch with college friends.

staying in touch friends

Group texting // While some people may hate group texts, I think they work well because you can text everyone little summer stories, and catch up with everyone quickly. It also is fun because it helps keep your friend group dynamic going throughout the summer. Also, you’ll have some great inside jokes form that can carry into the school year.

Virtual Coffee Dates // In an age where FaceTime and Skype are common forms of communication, set a time with your friend to have coffee over the interwebs. Set a time, get the coffee you want, and catch up as you would if no distance was separating you!

Call When You Need To // Be honest about how your summer is going. I had a terrible summer last year, but I kept trying to convince myself it wasn’t really that bad, and I continually told people everything was great when it wasn’t. Let’s just say when I got back to school, and some things had gone south, it was obvious I didn’t have the summer it seemed, and that was hard to face.

Handwritten Letters or Postcards // Going on an awesome trip? Send your friends a postcard. Not going anywhere cool? Write your friends a letter about how summer is going, random thoughts you had, or something cute you made for them. Handwritten letters are dying, but this is definitely something that’ll show your friends that you’re thinking about them, that you care, and will be a memento for them to cherish forever!

How do you keep in touch with the people you love but are far away?

Callie Leigh

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