Finals Attire: Lookin’ Good While Acing Exams

Hello, World.

Finals begin Monday for me, which means I’m starting to pack, and realizing I have way too much stuff. I’m also studying all the time, which means it’s difficult to put outfits together, have motivation to get fully ready, and you know, do life. I usually try to look nice for finals, though, because it makes me feel more awake, more motivated, and more like I can kill whatever exam I am about to take. So, in light of this, I thought I would share some outfit ideas for finals week!


The first look is usually my go-to finals outfit. I like a plain T, and jeans because it is quick to put on, and comfortable to take an exam in. Also, I have the tendency to get cold in classrooms, so the jeans with the t-shirt is a great combination because I’m not too hot or cold. Also, Sperry Top Siders are my favorite shoes to slip on, so I usually wear them when I don’t feel like wearing sandals. Glasses are often more comfortable on exam days because I don’t have to worry about my contacts getting itchy or uncomfortable. I also bring a hair band with me in case I feel like putting my hair up halfway through the exam. Watches are also great because most college classrooms don’t have clocks, and a watch is a great way to track time during a test. (outfit details)


Outfit two is a simply long sleeved with denim shorts, sandals, and a baseball cap. Baseball caps are easy and they cover bad hair days (or unwashed hair if its the last day of finals and you just don’t care anymore). I usually pair a long sleeved with my shorts because, again, I have the tendency to get a bit cold. Sandals are easy to slip on, and will keep you cool when walking around campus in a long sleeved shirt. I usually only take whatever I need for an exam in tote on exam days. I almost always bring water to an exam, and when my allergies are acting up I’ll bring some tissues. Again, TAKE A WATCH. (outfit details)


A chambray top, printed shorts, and Salt Water sandals make for a perfect, slightly dressed up and flirty outfit. The brightness of the shorts will make you feel excited for summer, and will ensure that you look good while finishing finals. Also, I usually paint my nails for finals because a bright color on my nail makes me feel happier while taking an exam. A cute watch is a must, and a cute tote with all exam essentials (blue book, pen, pencil, calculator, water bottle, tissues, etc.). (outfit details)

What do you wear for finals?

Callie Leigh

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