Tan-Lines and Novels


Hello, World.

Summer 2014 is approaching quickly (like, in 2.5 weeks!!!), and as it gets closer, I can’t help but concentrate on the fact that I get to read for pleasure. I love reading, I really do, but during the school year I tend to get really burnt out from reading article after article about dinosaurs, wars, or literary theory. I registered for classes for Fall 2015 today, but I want to make sure that I spend this summer reading all kinds of amazing novels, and fall back in love with reading before I get back into an academic setting. I’ve compiled a list of 12 novels that I want to read this summer, and I thought I’d share with all of you. 12 novels is a bit ambitious, I am aware, but I plan to coordinate my reading on a “fun, easy read,” to “thought provoking and deep” cycle. I plan to use goodreads.com to keep me one track! You can follow along, follow my list, or communicate with me about the books on my list here. As for what is on my list, I’ll share below:


Fight Club was suggested to me by my friend, Kate (the girl who did the photos in my last few outfit posts!). I’ve heard great things about it, and I’ve never seen the film, so I thought it would be a fun read this summer. The story line is a little bit outside my comfort zone as far as novels go, which I am looking forward to!


I was going to read this novel in high school for a final paper, but decided against it at the last minute, and ever since I’ve wanted to go back and read it. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this novel, and I feel like it’s one of those novels that I just need to read as an English major.


I was tempted to put, “John Green. Enough said,” but I should probably say that this is one of the few books by him I have yet to read, and so this summer I’m making it happen.


I love John Steinbeck. He’s a great writer, and I’m excited to read this novel. It’s one of his shorter books, so I think it’ll go rather quickly, but in usual Steinbeck fashion, will be dense.


This novel was recommended to fans of John Green, so I figured I would check it out. Also, the plot line stood out to me because it felt really relatable for multiple reasons.


Again, as an English major, I feel its a necessary read. This is one of the novels I picked up, and put down numerous times because I wasn’t in the mood to read it. This summer, however, I feel like I can do it.


I picked this book up over Spring Break, but just couldn’t get in to it for a couple reasons. First, I was so burnt out from school that I needed a completely carefree week with my family. Second, I was so ready to be done with classes that the idea of reading stressed me out. Third, its about marriage, which isn’t on my mind at all, so it was hard to relate to. But then my mom and I had a “bride movie” marathon that included Bride Wars, Something Borrowed, and 27 Dresses, and this book suddenly seemed super appealing!


Fitzgerald is such a renowned writer, and everyone seems to either love him or hate him. I feel like I have yet to really figure out where I stand in relation to his writing, and I’m hoping this novel will help me figure out my feelings. Also, Blair Waldorf mentions this book, so you know, its a must read.


I also picked this book up during Spring Break, and it seems like a fun, goofy, but insightful read! I’m excited to read about a bookstore because I feel like they hold a magic that only bibliophiles know.


I weirdly haven’t read this novel. Confession time? I guess so. My high school did required reading rather oddly, so I didn’t have the chance to read a lot of the novels my friends read in high school. I could have read them in my spare time, but these books are novels I enjoy talking about with people, so I’m excited to read it and talk about it with my college friends.


This novel is two different story lines that are tied together by a single thread. They take place roughly 100 years apart, and I was captivated by the slave narrative aspect versus the modern lawyer aspect. I like books that compare pre-Civil War America to modern society’s beliefs.

What are you reading this summer?


Callie Leigh

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