Casual Weekends

Hello, World.

This weekend I am housesitting with friends in Marin County. We’ve gone hiking, we saw Spider Man, and we went and got lunch at this really great Puerto Rican resutruant. Its been a productive, carefree weekend, which is much appreciated considering finals are just around the corner. Thankfully this weekend’s weather is beautiful, so it wasn’t too hot or too cold. I’m excited for summer, but I’m hesitant to return home, where the average temperature is 100 degrees.
wearing: top: J Crew (old) // jeans: Urban Outfitters (old) // belt: Lucky Brand // sunnies: Kate Spade 
The fact that my second year in college is coming to end is rather scary. I’m a little horrified by how quickly this year went by, but I know that this year was one of my best. Despite a rocky beginning, I’m so content with how this year is ending, and I feel so blessed. My experience in college is going so well, but it scares me that next year I’ll already be a junior in college. Time really does fly, but for the next two years I’m going to just enjoy the ride, and not get tied down with unimportant things.
Since I was with two of my friends, one took photos for me, and the other took “stalker” photos jokingly, but they actually turned out really well, so I wanted to share them also. So, here’s to Erica being a crazy good stalker photographer…actually, I think they call that paparazzi.

What did you do this weekend?

Callie Leigh

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