Bows and Plaid

Hello, World.

I think we should talk guilty pleasures. This weekend was really relaxing because I slept in late, got a late lunch and coffee with friends, then watched the One Direction documentary This Is Us. So, yes, I like One Direction. While most people criticize their “boy band” standing, and the fact that most of their fan base is a ton of younger girls, I still like them. There is something about them that is so refreshing. It sounds weird, but its true. They seem like genuinely nice guys, and I like their music because it makes me happy. It may seem weird, but you know, I think they’re pretty awesome.

I feel like everyone has a guilty pleasure, and I think its funny that we call them guilty pleasures. Guilty pleasures are usually things you like, but don’t want people to know you like in fear that someone will make fun of you, right? Well, I think its time people start embracing everything they love, and ignore the fact that people might not like the same things as you. Also, One Direction is super popular, and its usually because of good press, so I don’t see why people hate on them so much. If you’ve heard that they’re stupid or untalented or whatever, but haven’t actually listened to them, you should, because then you can form your own opinion.
One of the reasons I decided to watch the documentary this weekend is because it was raining. I’ve wanted to watch it for some time because I watched the Katy Perry documentary, and really enjoyed it, so I felt like a film about a musical group would be interesting. I also really started liking One Direction when I heard “Little Things,” written by Ed Sheeran. I guess I have a soft spot for people who write or sing songs about love the imperfections in people. We’re all flawed, it should be more readily accepted.

wearing top: J Crew // skirt: LC Lauren Conrad // tights: Target // boots: Frye // socks: Free People // watch: Michael Kors // bracelet: Juicy Couture 
This weekend was so much fun, and I really loved this outfit. I miss boots in spring and summer, so I was happy to get a pair back out, but I would still appreciate if the weather stayed consistent.

Callie Leigh

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