Sails Away


Hello, World.

The weather is starting to get to that point where shorts or short sleeves are an absolute must if you wish to avoid burning up. I love short season because I get to wear my J Crew chino shorts again! There is something about brightly colored, tailored shorts that make me feel ready for whatever I planned in the day. This color was on sale this season, so I took advantage of that and picked up a pair.
Every year, the first few times I wear shorts, I feel kind of weird. During the winter months, I avoid shorts at all cost and live in jeans and leggings. The first time I wear shorts I feel like I have alien legs or something. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true! I was also cursed (or blessed if you’re into the milky white skin) with a very very light complexion. Where I’m from, most people tan all year long, and never really go “all natural” as far as skin goes, so my skin also seems almost transparent when I first start wearing shorts. In recent years, I’ve learned to embrace my pale skin, but sometimes it’s a challenge. I think most girls feel a little more glamorous when their skin has a golden tone to it.
On another note, I got this sweater at Old Navy! Talk about a score. I love anything with a nautical theme, so I immediately jumped on this sweater when I found it on sale AND in my size. Spring is always a hard time for me because I just love sweater season, so when it starts to get too warm to wear sweaters I fight pretty hard.
Wearing- sweater: Old Navy // shorts: J Crew // shoes: Sperry Topsiders 

Callie leigh

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