Champagne Taste, Beer Budget


Hello World. Something my friends and I talk about when conversing about clothing is how hard it is to have expensive taste while being on a budget or trying to save money. A lot of really cute clothes cost a lot of money, and it seems like buying clothes is becoming a more expensive process with each passing year. Outlet malls seem to be gaining popularity, but I still feel like there are a ton of places that offer amazingly cute clothing that is way less than if you shop exclusively at JCrew, Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters, or Free People. Here I’ve compiled a list of stores that I like that have awesome deals and a wide variety of clothing. I like to call this my “champagne taste, beer budget” list. Sometimes the look we have in our heads doesn’t match the amount of money we have in our wallets, similar to how you can want pink champagne for your birthday party, but can only really afford a nice ale. Image

Have you ever shopped at ASOS? They have great deals, and adorable clothing. From the UK, they offer tons of retro-inspired pieces, but also a lot of modern, uh, “hipster” if you will, clothing. Their sale sections has great prices, and awesome pieces. There are also tons of great sun dresses, and cutoff shorts for summertime! Their sales are often up to 70% off, so make sure you head over to to shop for some summer necessities! Image If you watched Laguna Beach or The Hills, or paid attention to pop culture in the early 2000s, you’re probably familiar with Lauren Conrad. She’s always had a great sense of style, and her job at Teen Vogue and other fashion-industry based places probably enhanced her style choices. Her line, LC Lauren Conrad, at Kohls are great pieces for super low prices. Though I don’t love all he materials her pieces are made in, I still love her pieces. She has adorable colored denim, summer tops, and awesome summer dresses.

Image Forever 21, as most of you know, is a great store to get cute items for less. Having a huge selection, it is almost impossible to enter a Forever 21 and leave empty handed. They have adorable jewelry, nail polish, dresses, blazers, tops, and shorts. Their summer sandal selection is also really great. Personally, I love the jewelry, but I also find tops that I really like. Image

Modcloth is an online shopping center that has amazing retro, vintage-inspired clothing. If you’re a fan of the clothing on Mad Men, this is the place for you. This store is widely popular among bloggers, and they offer so many adorable items. Their bags, home accessories, dresses, and jewelry are among my favorite sections. For shopping on a budget, I recommend the sale section. For this site, I usually pick out items, then wait a long time to see if they go on sale, and if they do, I grab them!


I feel like  a lot of people underestimate what Target has to offer. I’ll admit, I’m kind of a fast shopper so if I have to dig through racks to find items, I have a hard time. It stresses me out. However, Target has great deals, and really great items. There are many times when I pick out something at JCrew or something, and find it too expensive, so I try Target because they have a ton of great, similar items. They also have a great selection of tights and leggings, as well as summer dresses.


The last place I would suggest as a place to shop that has pieces very similar to upscale stores that has affordable price tags is H&M. I know a lot of people that absolutely love H&M, and I usually find super cute things here. Sometimes it is hard for me to shop here because I’m pretty tall, so the dresses are a little on the short side, but the tops are always a great find. If for some reason you can’t find what you’re looking for at any of these stores, I would recommend looking at outlet or factory stores. Sometimes if you like an item, but wait a little bit, it’ll go on sale for a great price, but it just depends. You also have to think about what is practical. Maybe it’s a great price, but you don’t totally love it, and you won’t be able to wear it for a season or two (fall piece bought during spring in example), you should probably wait until you find something you love for an equally low price elsewhere! Part of saving money on clothes is looking a LOT, and waiting until you’re absolutely in love with an item. Where do you like to shop on a budget?


Callie leigh

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