National Sibling Day

Hello, World.

You may be aware that today is national sibling day, but if not, well, it is. I thought I would share some photos of my sister and I as well as a few thoughts about the benefits of having an amazing sibling. Tomorrow is my final day of classes before Spring Break, and that means I get to see my sister soon! I’m SO excited.


30599_123724397638093_4030956_n 526688_446910085319521_183681472_n 536328_505221152821747_240014249_n 603959_585688548108340_1201222341_n 1010924_623406277669900_1663887004_n My sister, Brie, is six years my senior, and the age difference was pretty hard while I was growing up. However, once I got into middle school, we started getting a lot closer, and I realized that it’s super helpful to have an older sister because she has experiences she can share with you, and she is someone you can talk to when no one else would understand. My sister always offers me incredible advice, and is there to catch me when I’m hurt by my friends, heartbroken, or just plain pissed off at something. My sister and I are pretty much opposites, but I think that’s the beauty of sisters…it doesn’t matter how different you are, at the end of the day, you have someone who will love you unconditionally. I feel so blessed to have such a caring, daring, inspiring sister, and I thank the lord everyday that he gave me her. She’s absolutely hilarious, and she pushes me to not be so uptight, and she also reminds me that people suck and to let the bad ones go. Growing up, she was someone I could lean on, look to for help, and aspire to be like. I will never thank her enough for doing my hair, teaching me how to do my makeup well, and helping me figure out what style even means. Honestly, when I was nominated for homecoming queen in high school she would drive to my house everyday the entire week before just to curl my hair and help me get ready because she did an ombre on my hair, and I had no clue how to properly style one. She’s the absolute best, and has the biggest heart. So, if you have a sibling, feel blessed because you know that you’ll always have someone!

Callie Leigh

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