Chunky Necklaces and Sperry Topsiders

Hello, World.

On Saturday some friends and I went shopping because we really needed some retail therapy. Life lately is insane, and most people feel super stressed about so many different things. Going shopping was a nice stress reliever because it let everyone just talk, look at clothes, and hangout without any school pressure. Since we were in my roommates hometown, we stopped by one of the major wineries because she is always talking about how beautiful it is. I really like living in the Bay Area because there are so many different, awesome places to explore all the time. I also am enjoying getting to know more people, and forming friendships with great people. Sophomore year of college is going by too quickly, but it’s been a great year on a lot of levels, and I know that my junior year is going to be even better, if not the best year yet.

I know I’ve posted a lot of outfit photos with my navy vest, but it’s seriously one of the best pieces of clothing in my closet right now. I love it so much, and it’s the perfect article of clothing for slightly chilly yet still warm days. I’m going to be really sad when it starts getting too warm to wear a vest, but I’m also excited to start wearing shorts and sandals. Summer outfits feel much easier to put together, but alas, fall or winter outfits will always be my favorite. ImageImageImageImage
Speaking of the fact that spring is coming, lately I keep thinking about where I was just a short year ago. My life was so different, the relationships in my life in much different places, and my hopes for summer and other things so much different. Things have changed so much, but its definitely for the best. I’m so happy, and things are really working out for me lately, which makes life so much easier. When years begin with a lot of hardship, sometimes it’s hard to see how it can get better, but if you just hold your head up, and keep pushing through, karma will reward you.
I’m really enjoying where I currently I am, and although I’ve struggled with my major this year, my life plan, and my personal relationships, I feel like I’m figuring out who I want to be when this whole college thing is said and done. Hard work pays off, so every time I begin to question myself, I remind myself to keep pushing forward. I have so many goals, and I love all the things I’m currently involved in, so I just need to keep going after what I want. Also, I’m happy with who is in my life right now because for the first time in a long time, I feel like the people I surround myself with are 100% genuine.
wearing- Vest: J Crew // sweater: LC Lauren Conrad // necklace: Poison Apple Salon, Chico // Jeans: Lucky Brand Charlie fit // sunnies: Kate Spade 
Photo Credit: Kate Walera
Callie Leigh

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