Favorite Photo Editing Apps

Hello, World.

Life is a wee bit crazy this week, given that it is midterms, but I wanted to take a quick study break to share my favorite photo editing apps with you. I typically have this weird fear that I’m going to over-edit my photos, so I usually only use one app per photo, but some apps are great tools for squaring photos and such.



1) Afterlight. This app performs so many GREAT functions. There are tons of great filters, there are editing features such as brightness and contrast, and also the ability to make shapes out of your photos. This is the app I use most frequently, and I just really enjoy all the features it has to offer.


2) VSCO. I don’t use this app a ton, but I still really like the features it offers. I usually use this app for photos of things other than people, though I have used it for photos of my friends and I in the past.


3) ABM (A Beautiful Mess). Created by Elsie and Emma, this app has TONS of amazing features, such as a collage option, boarders, adorable doodles, text, phrases, etc. I use this app quite frequently because it gives a sort of “homemade” or personalized feel to photos.


4) Waterlogue. This app is relatively new to me, but I think the general idea behind it is super awesome, and I try to use it when I find a cute photo that would look better as a water color. Oh, this app turns ordinary, modern photos into beautiful watercolor images. Probably should have started with that, but oh well (wink wink).


5) Squaready. This app is super awesome for when people take a photo they love, but need it to be a square image for their Instagram posts. I’m kind of an Instagram junkie, so when I take a photo I love, then realize I forgot to take it with my square camera lens, I panic briefly, and then open this app.


6) Lo-Mob. Essentially, this app has more great filters to choose from. I tend to choose the same afterlight and instagram filters, so having apps that offer some alternatives is always great.


7) FxCamera. I love this app for filtering landscape images. It has tons of features, but the filters are my favorite. It also has the ability to change the find of camera lens you want to edit with. You know the people who take photos or selfies, and the photo is symmetric so there are two images that are mirrored? This app has that feature!


8) PicLab HD. This has great fonts to add to your photos, and will help you replicate those awesome photos on Pinterest that have a good quote over them in elaborate font displays!


9) PhotoWonder. I don’t use this app quite as much because I’m kind of a creature of habit, so unless I need a specific feature, I tend to use ABM, Instagram, and Afterlight most frequently, but I still like having this app as an option. This app has tons of features dealing with facial blemishes, and editing more geared toward portraits, so it’s a nice alternative to the apps that work best for landscapes.

What are your favorite photo editing apps?

Callie leigh

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