Healthy Snack Alternatives

Hello, World. 

Its that time of year again when I start to feel stressed all the time. This week I have a ton going on (exams, interviews, homework, having a life), so I need to make sure I’m staying healthy and getting everything done. Something I noticed about myself around this time last year is that I have the tendency to crave really unhealthy food when I’m hungry. So, in light of this observation, I want to share my healthy snack alternatives to to the typical “college snacks.” 

Image  In the drink department, instead of reaching for “fast energy,” in the form of an energy drink, try drinking herbal or black tea. Herbal tea’s been clinically proven to keep people more stimulated than energy drinks because tea has less sugar, and doesn’t contain the syrups and such that energy drinks are filled with! Tea is also better for you since sugar converts to fat almost instantly, and then makes you gain weight. Image On the candy front (my personal largest weakness), instead of grabbing sour gummies or other artificial candies, try a healthier alternative like banana chips. Dried fruit can have a similar texture to candy, but is way better for you. Dried fruits have natural sugars, and aren’t as fake. Image Instead of the buttery popcorn, try the 100 calorie mini bags! They are smaller in portion, and they have less butter! They’re also a little lighter, so you won’t feel bloated or groggy from the butter of the normal popcorn. Image In the morning, try starting your day as healthy as possible to keep the energy going throughout the day. This way, you’re less likely to crave sugars. Instead of going for a sugary cereal, like Cap’n Crunch, reach for Kashi Go Lean granola breakfast cereal. Sugar crashes are not the business, so trying to start your day on a less sugary note will reduce the chances of crashing during your mid-day study session. Image Since I’m lactose intolerant, I never eat regular ice cream, but that doesn’t mean I’m missing out. I love the Soy Creamy ice cream from Trader Joe’s. The flavor is better than most authentic ice creams, and there are WAY less calories in the soy based ice cream. One serving (.5 cups) of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream contains 270 calories, whereas the soy ice cream contains 190 calories in one serving (.5). While neither is super low in calories, the soy is still significantly lower. 

Image While potato chips are an easy snack in college, especially with onion dip, they can be super fattening and unhealthy. Personally, the oils usually make me feel super crappy by mid-day, and I start to get nauseas. Instead of potato chips, try carrots and hummus. Hummus is delicious and super healthy, and carrots are nice, crunch alternative to chips! 

These are just a few ideas in regard to how to stay healthy, but I think making small changes such as these will sustain your energy longer, and reduce your stress! Feeling icky is not good when you’re trying to be productive, so by eating healthier, you will feel better, and get more done in a day! What are your go-to study or stress snacks?


Callie leigh 

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