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Hello, World. 

Today is currently Friday, which means that another week is ending, and it is now the weekend. This weekend is particularly special because my parents are coming to visit! A few weekends ago was my dad’s birthday, but I had Resident Advisor interviews, and couldn’t go home or have them visit. Tonight we’re going to dinner and shopping a bit, then I’m staying at their hotel with them to get maximum family time. Very exciting stuff, I know. I also plan to get coffee in the morning with my dad. We usually get ready, then go to the lobby of the hotel for coffee while my mom finishes getting ready. It’s really nice. My dad is that person who doesn’t say much, but when he does speak up, I make sure to listen. 


I’m so glad it’s Friday, but I’m even more glad it’s the weekend. I’m hoping that this weekend is relaxing yet productive, especially since midterms are coming up soon. This semester feels a little weird because it feel like it’s going by SO slowly, but I know that in just two months I’m going to be packing up, moving back home. I’m hoping to get an internship this summer, so fingers crossed for that! Anyway, I wanted to share some photos of what I wore today. The weather is getting increasingly warmer, so I need to readjust my closet because all my spring clothes are at home, and all my winter (like, super winter) clothes are at school, which makes it difficult when it is 75 degrees in the best part of the day. ImageImageImage I got this Oxford t-shirt when I attended a Grad School Info session a few months back. It’s interesting to me how I used to think that once I made it to college the hard part was over. I’m afraid that the hard parts are just part of life, and they will continue coming no matter what milestone we get to. I have so many plans regarding my life, but I know that it’s going to be impossible to achieve any of those things if I just check out while in college, and think, “well, this is enough.” ImageImageImage So I guess I’ll continue working hard, and trying to get things done, and move forward, and do all the things I want to do. The friend that took my photos today asked me if I would rather be a mega-successful blogger (like Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess), or a world famous intellectual property lawyer, and my gut said, “both?” I want  a lot from life, and I think I’ll just keep doing my thing until I figure out what I’m going to end up doing. ImageImage Shirt: c/o Saint Mary’s College of CA Grad School Info Night // blazer: UO (old) // jeans: LC by Lauren Conrad // shoes: Sperry Topsiders // belt: Lucky Brand Jeans // purse: vintage coach (thrifted)  Image What are your plans this weekend? Enjoy Friday! 


Callie Leigh 

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