Thinking Big Picture


Hello, World.

Things are a little hectic these days, and sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed, though I know I’m doing my best. There are a lot of things you learn about in college, and I don’t just mean in the classroom. In the past year, I’ve learned so much about myself, and I feel like I’ve grown so much. I know what I want, and I know where I’m going, and I know what needs to change. A lot of people enter college with the mindset that this is it before the real world, and that everything that takes shape in college is set in stone. This, however, is not true. You can change your mind if needed, your surroundings can change, and your life trajectory can change. Given this change, it is important to continually reevaluate what you want, so that you can keep the “big picture” in mind. For me, my big picture includes graduating from Saint Mary’s with honors, attending law school, becoming an intellectual property lawyer, and publishing a novel by the time I’m 30. It may be hard to accomplish, but I like to think I’m pretty driven. So here’s to hoping.

Having a plan is something I find really important. I think I would go crazy if I just moved through life with absolutely no idea about where I was heading or what I wanted to accomplish in the coming years. A lot of people question change, and I admit I used to be one of those people. I know a lot of my friends seem confused about my desire to go to law school simply because I never mentioned it fully until this year. BUT, I think you should do what you love, and right now English isn’t my greatest love. I have a four-year plan, and while it includes earning my degree in English, I don’t think my career is going to be grounded in the English department. So, I’m altering my plan, but I still have one.

While in college, things can get a little hectic, and sometimes people lose sight of why they’re even attending classes or living in a residence hall or eating at the same place for most meals. Having a plan is a constant reminder that you’re not in a rut; you’re working to accomplish something. Something important to you. You’re plan will also ensure that you know what you want! I know when I think about changing my plan, and try to talk to others about it, I start to feel overwhelmed by everyone’s input about my future, but if I sit down with a cup of tea, a blank Excel spreadsheet, and some calming music, I can take the time to figure out what I want. So, my plan at the moment? Hopefully get hired as a Resident Advisor or Orientation Leader, get an internship, complete my honors contracts, get into a top law school, write something I’m proud of, and do great things.

Big Pictures look different for different people, and the scope of the picture is different depending on people. But know this: you know what you need and want, so make a plan and make it happen. You’re never going to accomplish all the things you want to accomplish if you sit in your room, thinking about the future. Make the future the present.

What’s your big picture look like?

Callie leigh

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