Caring for my Skin

Hello, World.

I recently got new beauty products to care for my skin, and I wanted to share them with you. Through the years, I slacked a little too much on beauty products because I was fortunate enough to rarely break out, and so I didn’t think skin took much work. In the past year or two, though, I’ve learned that when I’m stressed, I get small blemishes, and my skin’s gotten a little bit more oily than it used to be. Apparently our skin changes as we age… but anyway, I went to this little beauty shop named The Powder Room while I was home for vacation, and I really like the products I picked up while I was home.

This cleanser is phenomenal! I absolutely love it because it’s foamy rather than gel-based, and this scent especially great because it’s so fresh and clean. I love lavender anything, and the mixture of honey and lavender is so soothing. It helps me wake up in the morning, but it’s so soothing at night! Also, the 100% Pure cosmetic line is all-natural, so you’re not putting a bunch of weird things on your face, and it’s actually really good for your skin. Image 
The Bare Minerals “Purely Moisturizing” line is really great. This is the nighttime cream, and its super silky, and makes my skin feel so soft. If you are someone who likes fairly light moisturizers, this would be a great option for you. I apply it just before I go to bed, and then cleanse my face in the morning. My skin is typically soft, but this cream makes it feel much smoother!

I also use the daytime cream from the same Bare Minerals line, and I’ve decided that I really like it, but I like the nighttime cream a little bit more. This cream has suncream in it, which is great, but there were a few occasions where I applied a little too much, and then my skin had a greasy texture because of the sunscreen. Other than that, however, this cream is great, and keeps my skin looking healthy and hydrated.

Have you tired any new beauty products recently?

Callie Leigh

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