Current Obsessions

Hello, World.

Just wanted to pop in, and share some of the style I currently love, and really want to add to my closet! Hope your Thursday is going beautifully, and I hope you remember that tomorrow is Friday, which means relaxing, and sushi (at least for me).
KJP button down // Kate Spade scalloped pants // Blair Waldorf Bracelet // Kate Spade clutch // this style is seriously one of my current favorites, and I’m hoping to get more button downs and crew neck sweaters that fit comfortably and cute like this! Plus, a chunky necklace? Genius // this monogrammed bag

I feel like I am in a constant internal battle about my personal style. I just adore preppy style, but other times I can’t help but love Free People and “hippieish,” comfortable clothing. It’s such a struggle, but I think that’s the thing with style: it can be cyclical, and you can also find the perfect medium between to styles you love. What’s your style? And what are you loving?

Callie leigh

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