These Days.

Hello, World.

I wanted to share what’s been happening in my life recently. As you know, I started Spring Semester of my sophomore year last week, which was very odd. College is going by quicker than I imagined. It’s funny because when I graduated high school (which flew by), I thought I had finally made it to my future, but I never really expected college to go so fast. Each year of high school felt a little blurrier than the one before, and I feel like college is the same. I’m one of those people that have trouble coping, so if something happens, I spent a few years dealing with it, and forget to live in the right now. But now that I realize college is going by without me paying attention, it’s time I start living every single moment to the fullest. I play it safe too much, and it’s time for me to branch out.
outfit walls
Drinking: I’m drinking water. I have a slight problem with not drinking enough water. I drink mainly coffee and tea, and I’m pretty sure it’s beginning to run through my veins. So, as part of my new year’s resolutions, I’ve tried to drink more water. Now I wake up, drink a bottle of water, then a cup of coffee, then a few more bottles of water throughout the day. It’s made me feel much better!
IMG_1624 IMG_1640IMG_1663 Weather: It’s sprinkling outside, and I am so excited! Any reason to wear my Hunter rain boots is a great thing. The lack of rain this season is kind of a bummer. I agree that excessive rain can be depressing, but I also think complete lack of rain means that life and nature doesn’t feel as new.
IMG_1627IMG_1657 Reading: I’m currently reading books for my classes. My classes work really well together this semester, and all the reading material overlaps a little, which makes studying so much easier. Well, actually, the only class that doesn’t really fit is geology, but you know, that’s geology…
Thinking About: The amount of homework I have, the fact my 8am class got cancelled on Monday, and that I’m going to start new, start fresh, and start living. I’m so excited for my future and everything it holds. I’m excited to get through school, hopefully hold a selective position, and go to law school. We’ll see if it’ll happen, but I sure hope it does.
IMG_1643 IMG_1655 Excited About: I’m excited for new adventures. I’m excited for trips to the City this semester, I’m excited to figure out my housing situation next year, and I’m excited to meet new people.
IMG_1639IMG_1635 IMG_1653 Addicted to: I’m addicted to positive vibes, feeling happy, and letting things I cannot change go!
IMG_1667 What have you been up to?

Callie Coker

wearing: white top- Brandy Melville // cardigan- Lacoste // skirt: Lauren Conrad // tights- Vera Bradley // socks: Anthropologie

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