Gearing Up for a New Semester

organzing for new semester

Hello, World. 

As the new semester begins, I wanted to take a few moments to share how I prepare for brand new classes, a new schedule, and whatnot. I am a bit…obsessive. I like to have everything ready to go the minute the semester starts, and my planner and books completely organized. To begin, I organize all my binders (color coded, of course), clean out my backpack or tote from the previous term, and make sure all my books came in the mail on time. The books I couldn’t get through Amazon or Chegg, I get from my school’s bookstore the very first day of classes (around 5pm when it isn’t nearly as packed). I also go online to my school’s portal, and see if any of my professors posted our syllabus in advance, so I can go through and put tentative deadlines in my planner. My planner is color coded, so I add a key to the top corner of the first page of the new semester just in case I changed any colors from the previous semester. On my computer, I create a folder for each class I am going to have in the new semester so that I can keep all files for each class in a specific, easy to find location. For computer organization, I follow the College Prepster approach. 

When I get to my dorm room, I re-organize my room, making sure all of my drawers are organized and de-cluttered, and that my closet and under-bed storage looks clean. I usually make a mental note of what I want to wear to class my first morning back on campus, simply because I’m usually groggy and NOT a morning person my first day back on an alarm routine. This semester, I have an 8am, and have class nonstop until 11:20ish, and I haven’t had an 8am since last spring, so getting up super early on MWF is going to be difficult to get used to, which is why I want to get everything for class ready the night before so I don’t have to run around in the morning and figure it out. This also ensures that I can lie in bed for a few extra minutes in the morning, which is always nice. 

The final thing I do to organize for a fresh start, and a new semester is fill out my wall calendar. This calendar is right next to my closet and directly above my bookcase , so while I’m picking out outfits or finding a book for class, I can give it a quick glance and remember anything that could slip my mind. The wall calendar is very important, and it must be updated regularly! Finally, once I’m all settled in and ready for a new semester, I will journal, read the final chapters in my “break reading,” and then look at my blog schedule to see what posts I planned to post in the coming week. Since I’m a very regimented person, and I tend to get really busy with school word during the semester, I pre-write blog posts that I can allow this, then organize all posts for a month so I don’t fall behind. I hate when my favorite bloggers take month-long breaks, so I try my best to avoid random lulls of silence. 

What are you best tips for organizing everything for a new semester? 


Callie Leigh 

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