Valentine’s Day Girl’s Night


Hello, World.

Valentine’s Day is on Friday, and I know that a lot of people kind of despise this holiday if they are single, and feeling a significant lack of love in their life. But fear not, I have a plan for your night that is equally as fun, and may even be a little better. A girl’s night! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean showing your love for s significant other, it can mean getting your best girl friends together, hanging out, doing girly things, and celebrating the idea of true love. Sounds cheesy? Maybe, but I think it’s cheesy enough to work.

We don’t have to have someone significant in our lives all the time, and it’s sad that there is one day a year that makes us believe otherwise. I think sometimes we need to realize we’re still young, and we’ll find Mr. Right one day, and then we can spend Valentine’s Day doing the “romantic thing.” Until then, though, have fun with your best friends! If you’ve ever seen Sex and the City you know the importance of true friends, so why not take a day to appreciate your close friends?

A few ideas about what to do for your girl’s night? Go to your local grocery store, stock up on candy, popcorn, and the beverage of your choice, and have a romantic comedy movie night. Make a trip to Target and pick up some new nail polishes and give each other manicures as you talk about school or work or watch a good TV show. Or, if your schedules work better for a morning celebration, go grab donuts and coffee, or brunch at a fancy restaurant. It’s always important to love yourself, so take a day to treat yourself, and hangout with your friends!

What’s your favorite “just for me” treat?

Callie Leigh

Photo c/o Pinterest!

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