Jan Term Break Recap

Hello, World.

Jan Term break comes to a close today, and it’s a little bittersweet. This break felt like much more than a week, and it was really nice to spend time with my family, but I am ready for a new semester, new classes, and to figure out what my summer is going to look like. Over this break, I submitted my Resident Advisor application, and worked on my Orientation Leader application, which I will finish in the next day or two and turn in by Friday. I also read a lot this break. I completed Brooklyn Girls, Humans of New York, and Something Borrowed, and now I am reading The Sound and the Fury. I waited until the end of break to start this book because I wanted some easy, fun reads as a break from Faulkner before diving right into another one of his novels. In this post, I wanted to share some of my thoughts about Something Borrowed because I really enjoyed it!


The novel is much different than the movie, which I didn’t really expect. Character’s roles were either overly maximized, completely cut, or dumbed-down in the film! So, since it was so different, I removed my preconceived notions about what the book would be like compared to the film, and just read it as a separate entity. This helped a lot, and as soon as I did this, I loved the book. It really illuminates the complexities of friendship, the difference between truly positive friendships and toxic friendships, and the importance of finding a person that compliments you. I’m the only person in my family who likes this storyline, and I know a big reason for that is the cheating, but I think the important thing here is that toxic friendships are not true friendships, and that doesn’t make it okay, but it makes the betrayal a little less severe. One of the lines that really stuck out to me said, “It’s the worst thing to fall in love with someone who will never stop disappointing you…” There is so much weight in this simple statement. I’m sure many people can relate, I know I could, and I think that’s something I liked about this book. It was a fun, simple read, but there were some really potent thoughts behind it about loyalty, friendship, and heartache! 

Other things I did this break? Had a rainy day romantic comedy marathon with my mom, went to my favorite restaurant, got my hair done, and went to the bookstore! It finally started raining, thank goodness! I thought we were going to have a completely dry winter here in California, I was relieved rain finally made an appearance. I’m so excited for the coming semester, though it is hard to believe that I will be a junior in college next year. College is going by so quickly, it’s making me sad.

What are you plans for this semester?


Callie leigh 

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