Valentines Gift Ideas

Hello, World.

With the big V-Day coming up, I wanted to share some ideas for gifts to give either your girlfriend or boyfriend! There are so many possibilities, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what is appropriate. A lot of girls have the tendency to expect a lot, but if it’s a new relationship, a lot may be too much, and sometimes when you’ve dated for a while, sometime simple is sweeter! So here are my ideas, based on where you are in your relationship.
Flowers and dinner are always appreciated, and ideal if it’s only been a few months // a cute gym bag is appropriate for keeping New Year’s Resolutions in mind, and you’ll be on his mind when he’s working out // for really new relationships, a jar of hot tamales with a cute note shows you like the direction your relationship is going in, but that you’re not crazy obsessive // a sweet card is a reminder you care // if you’re closer to 6 months, a jar filled with all movie, concert, museum, etc. tickets is thoughtful, and a cute decoration for the house that reminds you of all the adventures you two have had so far!
a monogrammed sweatshirt for her because what girl doesn’t like a monogram? // a movie night basket with champagne, a romantic film, popcorn, candy, and s’more stuff is romantic, relaxed, and less pressure than going out // a kate spade watch because OBVIOUSLY it’s Kate Spade, and she’ll love it // a cute kissy phone cover to protect her communication device, and is just too adorable and screams V-Day loves // a sultry, fruity perfume for her to wear every day // an adorable sharpie mug is a quick DIY that shows you care and that is a cute reminder in the mornings if you miss each other before work (the you’re my cup of tea is also great for 1-6 months)
Cute Pajamas are a must, and matching pjs are always a little sexier // 52 reasons why I love you deck of cards is personalized, romantic, and a great bedside table item that serves as a constant reminder of why you’re still together // pearl earrings because every classy girl needs a pair // cuff links that are in the shape of knots to remind him that you’re tied together // an all my love bracelet is so sweet, and something easy to wear past V-Day // a button down shirt from Brooks Brothers will keep your man sharp and professional in the coming months. Plus you can have him wear it on a date in a few weeks!

What do you always get your significant other on Valentine’s Day? Any traditions?

Callie Leigh

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