What I’m Reading

Hello, World.

Since I’m on break, there is a stack of books on my nightstand just waiting to be read. I wanted to take a few moments to show you the novels I recently finished!
Image This was the final novel we read for my William Faulkner class. It was by far the quickest read, and it was a little easier to understand compared to the first two novels. Or maybe I am becoming an expert on Faulkner, though I think that isn’t it. Throughout the course of reading this book, I kept calling it the “grown up edition” of To Kill A Mockingbird. The novel is told from Chick Mallison’s point of view, and chronicles his desire to help a black man wrongly accused of murder in the South. It’s pretty fascinating stuff, and if you like reading Harper Lee in high school, I strongly recommend heading to your local library to pick up a copy of this book. It’s different in many ways, but I must say Tom Robinson has nothing on Lucas Beauchamp. Image


I finished Brooklyn Girls last night while watching that pitiful game people were calling the Super Bowl. I started this book before I went back to school, but with all the reading for Jan Term didn’t have a chance to finish it, so yesterday I read the final 200+ pages. There were so many things I liked, but a few things I didn’t. Maybe it was simply transitioning from Faulkner to modern Chick Lit, but alas, I had some complaints. To me, the lead character felt a little flat at times, and she seemed like a spoiled brat at times. I also felt the ending was wrapped up too quickly and too easily. I wanted to see more of a struggle because of the early parts of the novel, but the challenges never REALLY arrived. The hardships were hinted at, but never felt really resolved until the final page, and even then I still had questions. Alas, it was a really fun read with hilarious moments, great characters, and the food truck aspect was original and fun. Want a book that reminds you it’s okay to not know what you want from life? This is it.
ImageIMG_1614Image A book that I have that I read a few pages from every day is Humans of New York. The whole concept of this book is truly fascinating to me. I’ll admit: I’m completely obsessed. The idea of photographing everyday life, as well as finding incredible stories through only one or two quotes is just… magical. I know that sounds cheesy, but I really do love it. I follow Brandon’s Facebook page, and I get so inspired when I take a few moments to see what the world is up to in the pages of this book. Not only is the photography itself beautiful, but the few words that each subject tells Brandon have endless possibilities for an entire story. I think books such as this one are vital to our existence because we get so caught up in appearances, ourselves, Twitter, and work that we forget to take a few moments to reflect on others, and the hardships that so many people experience. OR the pure joy that a child feels when walking down a street in New York on the Chinese New Year. As a society, it’s important to remember that we are just one small, small part of larger piece, and that we’re not the only one with a story worth telling, or hearing for that matter.

What are you reading? Any great recommendations that I should add to my reading list?

Callie Leigh

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