Effective Tote Packing For Class

Hello, World.

I went school supply shopping yesterday, and it got me thinking about the whole ordeal of school supplies. I told my dad while I was shopping that I’ve finally figured out how I like to organize my classes, my work, and my supplies. I’ve been in school for roughly fifteen years, which is most of my life, and I just recently decided how I like my school stuff organized best. Over Jan Term I used the system I used my senior year of high school, and I remembered why I love it so much. It’s clean, organized, and efficient. Anyway, with the new semester beginning for a lot of people, especially those who have Jan Term, I wanted to share my favorite tote options, as well as how to best pack said tote.
Potterybarn’s Leather Tote // Monogrammed Longchamp // Vineyard Vines Tote // Vera Bradley // Longchamp tote // Kate Spade Tote

stuff a tote
In my tote or backpack, I am constantly carrying gum, headphones, a phone or laptop charger, and a flash drive because you really never know when you’re going to need any of these items. I also carry my laptop usually because I may need to pull up a file in class, or if I get out earlier from class and have an awkward waiting period until my next class I can get some work done, whether it’s finishing a paper, a daily response, or just researching and blogging. I also prefer rollerball pens, gel highlighters, and these Kate Spade pencils are adorable!! I place all loose material, such as the pens, pencils, highlighters, and flash drive, in a pencil pouch. As for note taking and paper organizing, I carry a binder per class, with dividers labeled “assignments,” “exams,” and “supplemental reading.” In the back pocket I place a legal pad because I simply prefer this method for note taking more than loose binder paper or notebooks. Over the years, I noticed that notebooks get too bulky and unorganized if I do not have a binder to put papers in, but only one binder for all my classes also gets confusing and hard to organize. Organization is key for being efficient and completing all tasks I have in a day, so this is the way I organize! How do you like to organize for school?

Callie Leigh

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