Looking Back on Jan Term.

Hello, World.

Jan Term is officially over. As I type that, I feel so sad because Jan Term being over means that Spring semester begins in roughly nine days. That means a full schedule, tons of books, assignments and essays, and just…more work. This Jan Term was great. Although it was a lot of work, and I had way more reading than any of my friends, I thoroughly enjoyed my class topic, my classmates, and my professor. We had some really insightful discussions concerning race relations, Southern society misconceptions, gender ambiguity, social categorization, and finally, systems of power. I’ll admit I was a little hesitant to take a class solely dedicated to William Faulkner. I had never read him before other than a short story, and I was unsure I would like him, and find myself stuck in a month-long course with only him. It would be like sitting in that overheated room mentioned in the opening of Absalom, Absalom! It wouldn’t be very fun, but alas, I am so happy I decided to take the course. In the last four weeks, I read 1186 pages, wrote four 3-page responses, and a final paper that totaled 10 pages when all was said and done.

In the past four weeks, I visited the City, explored new areas, and reconnected with old friends. Though this Jan Term was completely different than last Jan Term (in terms of scheduling, who was around, and the fact that I was intensely studying a famous writer and not spending my days writing my own work), I still enjoyed it for many of the same reasons. Only having one class is simpler, and easier, and allows me to get to know my friends better, and go on new adventures. I’m content with where I am right now, but I’m hoping this coming semester will bring more adventures, and new beginnings. Jan Term is my favorite part of the academic year because it’s just simpler, and I have so much more free time. I also like Jan Term break because it gives me a week to rest again before Spring Semester. I have the tendency to sleep on a weird schedule during Jan Term because I don’t have class until noon, and then I’m usually hanging out with friends at night.

I know I usually wrap up major moments from a given month in monthly recaps, but I feel like Jan Term in itself is a major moment. When I got home yesterday, my mom commented on how this Jan Term flew by in comparison to my first January Term, and she had a great point. Last January felt like four months not four weeks, and time almost feels suspended during January. The same was partially true this year, but I definitely felt like I got to the final day, and couldn’t understand how a month had already passed! Anyway, today is my first day of Jan Term break, and I’m going house hunting with my sister and her boyfriend, then working on Resident Advisor and Orientation Leader applications. Here are some of my favorite photos from January:
I know that I included this just a few posts ago, but I’m so glad I finally got to see the Painted Ladies in person! IMG_2312
I went to a basketball game on campus, and held a sign of one of our best players!
I furthered my addiction to Vitality Bowls. Seriously the best meal. So healthy, yet filling.
I spent time with friends, especially my friend, Andee, who is my wonderfully talented photographer (check out her photography blog here).
I woke up in the morning to finish reading for class, and enjoy a cup of coffee.
I went to this adorable independent movie theatre, and wrote a review of American Hustle for The Collegian.
I had a junk food and movie night with my hall mates. We watched The Devil Wears Prada, which I found ironic since we were downing food that’s terrible for us while watching a movie about how it is socially unacceptable to be bigger than a size 2.
City Trip number 1.
Sushi and nail date with Andee.
Went exploring around my beautiful campus.

Overall, Jan Term was awesome, and I’m sad to see it go, but I am excited for Spring Semester and my new classes. A lot of things are going to be happening: figuring out summer plans, figuring out which position on campus I will be holding (if I get one), and just figuring out my life plan in general.

Callie leigh

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