Chilly Afternoon

Hello, World.
I’m heading home this afternoon for Jan Term break! I’m excited to spend time with family, get tea with friends, read a book for fun, sit by my fireplace with my dog, and cuddle with my mom while catching up on Vampire Diaries. I know, really crazy stuff. I’m kind of an old soul if you will, but I suppose I’ve always had a personality that seems a little, well, old lady-ish. I enjoy reading, I enjoy sipping lattes while discussing the world, and I love learning from people. It’s a little odd, yes, but it’s me, so I don’t want to change it. I’m such a homebody when I get home. I love being at school, and I love the Bay Area, and although I don’t love my hometown wholeheartedly like some people, I love my family. Whenever they are around I feel so secure, and happy, and sure that I’m exactly where I need to be (which is essentially wherever they are). Jan Term this year was an amazing class. Though it was a ton of work, I got to spend four weeks with my favorite professor, talking about books, drinking coffee, and taking trips to the City. I really cannot complain. I plan to do a Jan Term/ January recap in a day or so, so I won’t say too much about Jan Term, other than it’s been great!
IMG_1446IMG_1451IMG_1459 IMG_1464 Wearing: vest: J Crew // chambray top: J Crew // jeans: Rich & Skinny (old) // boots: Miss Mooz (old) // watch: Michael Kors (similar) IMG_1470IMG_1472IMG_1503IMG_1502
Something that made me SO happy this month was that I had enough free time to write for The Collegian regularly. Last semester I was so busy I really didn’t have time to write, and if I did write I felt like I was rushing my articles and like I wasn’t producing my best work. My editor, however, seems to enjoy my articles, so that’s a sign that my writing ability hasn’t decreased too much given the stress of last year! I never really thought about journalism in high school, probably because I went to a small high school that didn’t have a newspaper, so it was never really on my mind, but writing for The Collegian is a great experience! Similar to this blog, it keeps me writing even if I’m not necessarily writing the next great American novel, or the next hit TV show, or the next Broadway play. On the back of my Faulkner novels this term there is a quote by Willy himself that says something along the lines of, “Read everything. Read crap, read classics, read it all.” I think the same goes for writing. Write anything, don’t be afraid to write complete crap, because as long as you keep writing you won’t lose the passion, you won’t lose the ability, and you won’t start questioning your ability to write.
IMG_1482IMG_1496IMG_1510IMG_1504IMG_1490 I better get to my last day of class, and I’m planning to stop and grab a cup of coffee on my way! I hope you’re having a great Friday, and if not, the day is still young and there is plenty of time for you to change that. Enjoy today.

Callie Leigh

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