Grown Up Dress Up

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Hello, World.

Jan Term only has two days left, and I just can’t seem to fully wrap my head around that fact. Many colleges returned to classes this week, and yet I’ve already read three William Faulkner novels, written six papers, and gone to class for 2.5 hours four days a week. Crazy to think about, really. Anyway, Jan Term is my school’s fun, lazy month as mentioned numerous times before. The funny thing is, though, since people only have one class, and it’s typically less work than most classes, everyone shows up to class completely ready (makeup done, hair brushed and not tossed into ponytail, and there may only be one pair of sweatpants per class). For me, this is nothing new. The closest I’ve come to wearing sweatpants to class is when I wear leggings and oversized sweaters or an SMC sweatshirt. This is usually only done, though, on Mondays or Fridays, the two days of the week that it is hardest for me to get out of bed.
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Many people often comment on the fact that I’m hardly ever without makeup, and I’m almost always wearing adult, real world clothing for class, and yes, that does include brutally torturous 8am classes. Many people wonder why I even try, since most people are in sweatshirts, sweatpants, with their hair tossed up in a messy bun. So, in this post I’ve decided to answer the question: why do I dress up for class?
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I have a few major reasons, which I will outline, but before I do I would like to add as disclaimer, which is that I do not care what other people wear to class, and I don’t care that other people like wearing sweatpants to class. I, however, simply do not. With that said, here we go!
First, dressing up for class shows respect to your professor, and your college as a whole. I like to dress nice for class because my professors do not come in their sweatpants, and they treat my time as valuable and worth something, and I feel that if I’m wearing sweatpants I seem like I do not care about the fact that they are taking time to teach me valuable lessons. I feel somewhat disrespectful if I do not at least put jeans on for class, and I feel like I’m disrespecting my professor’s time if I didn’t take an extra three minutes in the morning to get dressed.
Second, wearing sweatpants or other “lazy day” clothing puts me in a lazy state of mind. I don’t know about most people, but until I get out of my pajamas, I cannot function super well. I feel sleepy, I feel like I can sit around and turn my brain on low, and I feel like I can not really think too much. If I’m wearing sleepy clothing to class, I’m in a mindset where I’m not as likely to pay attention, participate in discussion, or, if I’m being totally honest, care as much about what I’m learning.
Third, dressing up will show people you can be professional, and that you are put together. When people tell me, “you look put together today,” or “you look nice today,” and it immediately boosts my confidence for the day. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people tell me that I look tired. I mean, seriously, if a guy tells you, “You look a little tired today. Everything okay?” He’s basically saying, “You look like crap, what’s the deal?” Sure, there may be concern there, but I prefer people to tell me I look nice than when they tell me I look tired (Read: haggard).
Fourth, your professors are ultimately who will write your recommendations for jobs, grad school, law school, etc., and you want to present yourself well from the get go. College is where you make major connections, and your professors are a major factor in this. If you don’t make an effort to get to know your professors, you’ll get to senior year, or even before, and need a recommendation from a faculty member, and be lost. Getting to know professors can take on a lot of forms, but one of the most important ways is by presenting yourself with a sense of professionalism, drive, and charisma. This reason is a kind of compilation of all the other reasons. If you dress well, you will be more alert, you will feel more confident, and you will show your professors that you care. I believe there is a mantra that goes something like, “dress for success,” and I think it’s an important one! Dress like you’re about to set the world on fire. Many people judge someone within five seconds of seeing a person, and if you’re in class in what you wore to bed, your professor may assume you aren’t serious about his or her class.
Anyway, I hope this was useful! Know that I don’t care what other people wear, and I’m not going to assume someone wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt or something is someone who doesn’t care. I go to a very athletic college, so I know that people wear athletic clothes to class out of convenience, but I wanted to share why I feel it is important to dress nice for class! Also, it’s kind of my pet peeve when girls have time to do their makeup and their hair, yet still wear workout clothes to class. I don’t know why, but that’s just something I will never understand. You do not have to agree with me, and if you could shed some light on why this is a thing, I’d love to hear your reasoning! Enjoy today.

Callie leigh

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