Meet Me in the City

Hello, World.

Jan Term is almost over, and I couldn’t be more sad about it! This month has gone by so quickly, and this week is crazy busy. I have a 10-page paper due Friday by noon, a Resident Advisor application to complete, an Orientation Leader application to also complete, three review boards, and you know, a life to maintain. So I’m starting to go insane, but I wanted to share some photos from a trip to the City last weekend! I love the City, and I love days with my friends where I’m not utterly stressed out even more. During this trip I had my first macaroon, saw the Painted Ladies, and got sushi (which is always a great thing). I like to explore new places or things every time I get to go to SF, so I’m really happy it was a successful day!
Wearing: blazer: Nordstrom (old) // shirt: Lucky Brand (similar) // jeans: Lucky Brand // Boots: Miss Mooz (old) 

Have a great Tuesday! I have to get back to revising that paper I was talking about.

Callie Leigh

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