Top Apps That Every College Student Should Have

Hello, World.

Today’s society, as many of you probably already know, is riddled with technology. We cannot escape it, and we are often glued to our iPhones. I mean, there are millions of apps available at our fingertips, and I know that I personally check Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter every fifteen minutes. I justify my obsession as a “study break,” but I know that’s basically the same as a heroin addict saying he or she is taking a break from “the real world.” I’ve been thinking, though, about all these apps, and which apps I use the most, and which come in handy the most when I am in school. So, I thought it would be fun to share the top apps for college students. There are hundreds of apps that all do essentially the same thing, with a few features that vary, but I wanted to share the apps that I use, and that I have come to believe to be the best.
First, iStudiez Pro. This app is a scheduling app for classes. You can add your professors, classes, class times, office hours for professors, room locations, any assignments, etc., and the app will track it for you, sending you reminders 15 minutes before class, making your professor’s office location available within seconds so you don’t have to refer to a syllabus or get online while walking to your appointment or class. Having assignments available by class is also super helpful, and a nice backup to planners and the calendar in your phone. I have a very anal personality, so I like to triple check everything, and this app definitely helps me keep deadlines, assignments, and meetings straight!
Second, Clear is a great app for making sure you accomplish everything you have in the day. It’s basically a to-do list-making app. You can swipe items off your list as you finish them, and arrange them by color in order of importance. I always make lists, especially to-do lists when life is too crazy to even think straight, so it’s super handy.

Third, Chegg. Every college student knows how annoyingly expensive textbooks are, and Chegg is a great resource for finding cheap, used textbooks. I tend to buy new copies of books for my Major classes, and buy all general ed class books used, with the intention of selling them back at the end of the semester. When in need of cheap textbooks, check out this app before looking at or barnes and
Fourth, Evernote. This app goes well with Clear and iStudiez Pro. In this app you can make a checklist, add reminders, take snapshots of notes written on classroom boards, or create a notebook directly on your phone. This app also has a market store that sells great school supplies!

Fifth, Pandora. I love this app because I HAVE to listen to music when I do homework. If I’m doing some really serious studying I will either not listen to music or listen to classical music. Sometimes while I’m studying I listen to Epic Movie scores because they’re, well, epic.
Sixth, Groupon. Since college is expensive, and doing fun things usually requires spending some money, this app is a great way to save money. It offers hundreds of coupons. If you want to do an activity with friends, but can’t quite decide what to do, you can check this app and see if there are any great deals at places that sound fun. I had a friend who used a Groupon to get fondue with friends. I can’t have fondue, but it’s still awesome, and there are even better deals!

Seventh, MyFitnessPal. Dining Hall food is fattening. There is a reason the freshmen 15 exists. There is also the fact that more people start drinking more or start eating more than usual because there are entire sections of the dining hall dedicated to cake, donuts, etc. There is also an increase in soda and coffee consumption because of the need for caffeine. All of these things may taste awesome, but are also pretty unhealthy. When I entered college, I desperately wanted to avoid the 15. I had two plans, first, I planned to lose 15 pants prior to starting college so that if I gained 15 pounds I would be my normal size. Or, second, I would simply watch what I ate, and work out more frequently. The second plan was the route I took. This app will help you monitor calories, workouts and the calories burned, and ensure that you’re body is remaining healthy.
Eighth, NikeTraining. I recently started using this app, so I don’t have quite as much to say. What I do know is that it will help you to structure a workout routine! I put in my current weight, height, etc., then put in that I’m a beginner and that my goal is that I want to get lean. You can change this based on how frequently you workout so beginner, intermediate, and pro. Then set your goal based on if you want to get lean, strong, or toned. Based on what you plug in, it plans out a month-long workout routine for you to follow every day. I was also excited because it incorporates yoga!

Ninth, Hautelook. I love clothing, as you probably know, but it’s hard to buy clothes when I’m in school, trying to pay for all those expenses and whatnot. Hautelook is Nordstrom Rack at your fingertips. It’s great for shopping, while still saving money. It has so many brands, and allows you to stay fashionable while going to school. This app has a ton of great deals, and although its not academic, it’s still awesome for people who want to be able to shop and buy new clothing for less (especially if you’re avoiding the 15).

Other apps I like? Amazon, Spotify, A Beautiful Mess, and Picstitch! College is about academics, yes, but it’s also a social experience, and music, photos, etc. are still important parts of everyday life! What apps do you like?

Callie Leigh

4 thoughts on “Top Apps That Every College Student Should Have

  1. A really awesome website & app is quizlet! You can either type your own notes in or look up someone else and use their notes. It will make practice tests for you and it has fun games to help you learn. You can also just review the information as flashcards. It is a great way to keep all your notes in one place and make it easy to study since you can get the app and study the flashcards on the go or if you want, it will actually read the flashcards to you too! So instead of listening to music on your way to class, listen to your notes!

  2. Please check out the Circle of 6 app! Its goal is to prevent abuse by quickly alerting members of a young woman’s circle. The type of help needed is selected quickly an unabtusively by an icon. No young woman should be without this IMHO.

  3. Thanks for the list! This will help me later on.
    I would suggest SafeTrek, a relatively new app programmed to call the police when you are in danger. How it works is simple: when you feel like you are about to be in danger, open the app and hold the button on the screen until you feel safe again. After releasing the button, you have ten seconds to input a pre-determined pin #. If you are unable to input the pin in time, the police will be automatically notified.

  4. Your list is amazing. I have been seeing different apps year after year but I came across this website
    Viselance, they have an expert q&a just as Chegg’s where you can ask study questions.

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