Rain in the City

Hello, World.

You know what I love about Jan term? The fact that I have way more time to go to the city! Over the past year I’ve grown to love San Francisco. Prior to college, I was all about New York City, and thought that it was the greatest city in the world. I would still like to live in NYC someday, but I’m beginning to think I could easily live in San Francisco as well. Anyway, on Saturday, my friends and I took a stroll into the city, and went to the Presidio, Fillmore Street, and the Marina district to hangout. It was rainy at first, which made taking pictures a little difficult, but then the sun came out, and we were able to walk around, and just hangout. We went to my favorite coffee spot, Beanery on 9th and Judith, and my favorite bakery, Arizmendi a few storefronts down. They have the BEST gluten free scones, and I absolutely love it. I would drive to the city just for a scone, no joke. We also went shopping around some used bookstores, and some clothing stores, then ate dinner before heading back to campus. Overall, it was a great day, and I seriously wish I lived in the city sometimes because there is so much to do! Here are a few photos from our day:

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage I had a great day, and I’m hoping I can go to the city a lot more before the school year is over. I’m also hoping I can get some kind of internship in the city either this summer or next summer. Housing might be difficult to figure out, but it’ll be cool!

Wearing: sweater: Elle from Kohl’s // jeans: American Eagle jeggings in Black // boots: Hunter in glossy Ruby // boot fleece: Hunter knit // scarf: handmade gift from a best friend 

Callie leigh

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