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Hello, World.
Break is coming to a close, and tomorrow I will get in my car and begin the drive back to school. I love Christmas, but I always end up going back to school with way more than I came with (the downside to gifts if there is one). Packing is always a bit challenging, as I attempt to figure out the best way to pack everything so I don’t have way too many bags in my car. Anyway, I thought I would share what I’ve been up to lately.
Drinking: As part of my new year routine, I’ve tried to drink more water every day. I’m usually really terrible at staying hydrated, preferring lattes or tea to water, but the longer I go without drinking a lot of water each day, the more I feel dehydrated and tired. So, from now on, it’s more water bottles than coffee cups for me.
Weather: It is currently way too warm to be January. I’m not a fan of hot weather, and I certainly despise warmth when it’s supposed to be cold. I’m hoping that there will be some colder weather in the coming weeks. Janterm just wouldn’t feel right if it was warm.
Reading: I’m currently reading Brooklyn Girls by Gemma Burgess. I went to Barnes and Noble after receiving a gift card with the intention of buying a “light read.” I love being an English major, I do, but sometimes I need a break from Hemingway and Faulkner. Some people act like if you buy a book that isn’t a classic, you’re not reading anything good, but I disagree. As someone who wanted to write young adult fiction, I think relatable books are important. So, while Hemingway can teach me all about tortured love, I thought a book that had a review that went something like, “any girl who has no idea what she wants to do or how she’s going to get what she wants should read this,” sounded perfect. It’s funny how sometimes you find a book that is exactly what you need.
Thinking About: I should be packing. I have so much left to do, but I’m procrastinating because I can. I also get bored, and am more likely to forget things if I try to pack in a hurry or all at once without any breaks. I can power through some things, but not packing. Packing is it’s own monster I tackle in it’s own way. I’m also thinking a bit about JanTerm, and what this JanTerm will be like compared to last year. Last year’s class was amazing, and I had a wonderful professor, and I got to write a play, and spend time with some of my close friends every day. That’ll be hard to beat.
Excited About: I’m so glad it’s a new year, and I’m excited to started living a healthier life, and I’m excited to be rid of things that hurt. I’m excited for new beginnings, and seeing my friends. I’m also excited to get back to school because even when I’m miserable there, I’m still my happiest.
Addicted to: I have an obsession with Scandal, but you probably already knew that because of this post.

I guess I better get back to packing because I have to go to my neighbor’s tonight for a bit, then my mom and I are going to watch Season 3 Episode 1 of Scandal (I warned you the addiction was real). I always miss home when I’m gone, but I’m always excited to go when it’s time. Coming and going is a funny thing. I’ll miss my parents, my sister, my dog, and my full-sized bed, but I do love my residence hall, my friends, and even sleeping on a bed where my feet dangle if I sleep a certain way. Enjoy today!

Callie leigh

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